How to Make Your Very First TikTok video

#1: Be familiar with the TikTok Interface

TikTok has seen a massive increase over the last year, with more than 1 billion active users every month. This offers an enormous opportunity for companies to hop onto the platform and engage with a brand new market.

If you’re new to TikTok, Let’s begin with an interface tour. If you start your app, you’ll be able to see two feeds stacked side-by-side. One meal is known as For You. This feed is like the Wild West. You aren’t sure what you’ll see.

The majority of users are spending 75 percent all their time browsing For You, the For You page. An excellent comparison is that it’s somewhere in between the Instagram Explore feed and the newsfeed of Facebook. There’s a variety of content there, and some of it is specifically tailored to your needs, and some are TikTok test their algorithm. This feed will feature well-known content and brand-new content and content that could soon go viral. You can also buy TikTok views on SubPals.


#2 Make Your First TikTok Record

Do you see the plus button on the lower right corner of the screen? Tap to start making your debut TikTok video.

TikTok allows you to record videos of 15 or 60 seconds. You can select the length on the lower right of the screen.

While you can shoot videos that last as long as 60 seconds, do not get started with that. Begin with 15 seconds, and then master the art of making shorter videos before you begin shooting longer ones.


Select Recording Features

When you open the screen for recording, there are a lot of cool features that let users the ability to edit and record their recordings within the TikTok application. Let’s begin with the options you can see on the screen’s right-hand edge starting at the top.

The first choice is the flip feature. You may have already guessed that it lets you toggle between the camera on the front and back of your smartphone.

Next is the speed that allows you to determine the playing rate for your video. If you record the footage at 3X speeds, it will take longer to register; however, playback three times more quickly. This will record exceptionally quickly when you capture at 0.3X speed and then slow it down for playback at the final rate. You will have lots of fun playing around with various speeds, as you can imagine.

Beauty filters are every woman’s favorite companion. If you enable it, you can eliminate wrinkles from your face. One word of caution in the incorrect lighting, this filter could cause an unnatural appearance. I prefer to leave the Beauty filter as little as possible to avoid this.

The fourth option is filtering. These are great to experiment with. Some filters cater to your skin tone, architecture, food, and moods. You can combine the filters to create a unique look on your footage.


Include Visual Effects

Effects are where the majority of TikTok magic occurs. Results make it simple to come up with ideas and create unique content.

If you press the icon for effects to the side of the button to record, the tray will open with a wide range of products that you can select from. Let’s look at some of the choices.

An extraordinary effect you can use is Green Screen. This effect allows you to add various backgrounds to your videos. It can appear like you’re living in a city in Europe or alter it by using yourself for the experience. Isn’t that cool?

The shaking effect is an excellent way to emphasize the anxiety or stress of an event.

And, of course, how would we function without the Clones? Imagine the joy you’d enjoy with five copies of you standing behind your back, supporting you with every move.


Select an Audio (Music as well as Audio Clips)

On the top of the screen, there’s a Sounds option. Click on this icon to add an audio or music file to the video.

Within the Sounds library, You can search for sounds, browse playlists, and select among the TikTok-recommended songs.

Another option is recording your audio when you make your video. To do this, just tap and hold the big red button while recording. After you have published your video, the audio will be published as audio in the app, which others can utilize.


Use Text to Enhance your narrative.

When you playback the TikTok footage in replay mode, it is possible to include stickers and text. Additionally, you can add effects, but less than in the pre-production stage.

Text overlays can add to the storyline that you are presenting in your TikTok videos. However, keep in mind that most users are watching for 61 minutes each day, with sound on. The text should be used to give a bit more flavor.

For adding text to your videos, click the text icon at the lower right of the screen. Then enter your text onto the screen. If you click off the text you’ve put in; it is possible to pinch it to change the size or move it to another section or area of your screen.

To change the font, you need to tap on the text and choose Edit in the menu that pops up.


#3 Create and caption Your TikTok Video Post

Once you’re satisfied with the TikTok video, press the Next button, and you’ll be taken to the area where you’ll create your post. This is where you enter your caption and hashtags and select the cover image.


Include a Caption

There’s a limit of 150 characters to your TikTok caption, including all hashtags you include. Your caption must be compact. Use keywords to tell TikTok precisely who to put your video before.

Take note: Be sure to check your text for errors. After you have published the TikTok video, you aren’t able to change the caption.


Choose Hashtags

After that, you should add primarily targeted hashtags to make them more accessible to users. TikTok auto-populates many hashtag suggestions, making it easy to locate specific hashtags. Incorporate a few keywords, and check out what TikTok automatically populates.

When you’re building your profile and establishing your brand, I suggest you keep within the five to six-figure range for search results for hashtags. Don’t get into the millions until you’ve got videos that consistently perform.

A hashtag that has 11,000 views, for example, would be ideal for those who are building a TikTok account from scratch.


#4: Upload Your Video on TikTok and other Platforms

TikTok allows you to share your TikTok videos on other social media platforms to get instant organic growth and cross-pollinating between different platforms.

If you scroll towards the lower part of the Post screen, you’ll be able to see an option for sharing your uploaded video on Instagram. You can direct users to the URL to Instagram to post the video. You can also share it by text message.

Once you’ve completed making the necessary changes to your post, You can choose to post it immediately or save the draft.

After you’ve started posting to your account, look over your TikTok analysis to determine the things that are working and what are not.

Pro Tips It’s simple to share your uploaded videos on a broader range of platforms by sharing a direct link. Open your video on the TikTok application and then click the three dots on the right side of the screen. From the menu that pops up, you can copy and paste the URL to share it anyplace you’d like. You can also share the video on Snapchat Stories on Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, email, QR codes, and more.



Now you know how to utilize the recording and editing functions to edit, create, and then publish the first TikTok video. To enhance video content to the next step, play using layered effects and overlays with text to enrich the story. If you’re interested in what other brands are doing with TikTok, this article gives examples to help you utilize TikTok for your marketing course.

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