YouTube Watch Time: 5 ways to reach 4,000 hours

Did you realize that the total amount of Watch Time required for YouTube revenue is 4000 hours? Many creators have to spend a year or more trying to achieve this goal, but it’s well worth it. Attained this level means that you’re eligible to join YouTube’s YouTube Partner Program and ultimately be able to monetize your content by advertising. What creator would not desire to earn profits from their videos? You can also buy YouTube watch hours with Sonuker.


Five Ways to Get the 4,000 hours of Watch Time

Do you want to increase your earnings? Watch Time as fast as is possible? Read on to learn our top strategies and tips.


1. Make Evergreen Content

Being discovered on YouTube isn’t easy. However, you can make it simpler by uploading video clips that include:

  1. It will likely appear likely to show up in YouTube results for searches.
  2. Relevant all year round.

This is what’s known as “evergreen” content. These videos enthrall creators as they attract a lot of attention and, in turn, lots of Watch Time.


2. Host YouTube Live Streams

When we held our first stream, 50 to 100 people attended. Today, we have hundreds of viewers concurrently, and with this increase in viewers comes a lot of Watch Time.

From nine to twelve months into the course of your YouTube journey, you should give live streaming a shot. You will likely be able to count a few hundred subscribers, which will provide you with plenty of Watch Time per stream.


3. Upload Videos Frequently

Viral videos are a fantastic feature; they can help your channel gain traction and draw potential viewers who have never seen your content.

But don’t begin the process of making a video to create the video viral. There aren’t many creators who succeed, and it’s much easier to be regular with your postings on YouTube. Keep to your schedule for posting to ensure that one day you be able to accumulate 4000 hours of upload time as opposed to one.


4. Choose Quantity over Quality

Increasing the amount of Watch Time on YouTube is an exercise in numbers. If you require 4000 hours to be commercialized, and your YouTube videos are earning one hour on average, you need to upload an average of 4,000 videos.

This is just an example, however. Your channel could (and likely will) do better than. However, you require an extensive collection of videos to meet the Watch Time goals.

This means that you shouldn’t be too worried about:

  • The perfect video is the result of creating.
  • Editing your clips to excessive durations.
  • Filming for too long.

Find a way to create content quickly, but without sacrificing the quality, you require to compete on YouTube. Upload your content and begin making your next one. Repeat the process.


5. Pay Attention to Your YouTube Viewers

YouTube Studio YouTube Studio has a wealth of data to analyze; however, some of the most effective growth tips will come from your subscribers. They can be your customers. They know what they want to watch and will provide you with the exact details of what those videos will look like. I was hoping you could go through the comments in your most recent video and discover what I’m talking about. Engaged people will discuss ideas for the video and ask you to record these ideas.

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