Why Your AC is Making Noises & How to Fix It

Imagine! You start hearing some unfamiliar or exceptionally loud noises coming from your air conditioner. Is not it making your ears burst, not letting you sleep peacefully? Then Book our AC Services for better experience.

But the question is; why these sounds have shown up? These voices are signing there is something wrong with your air conditioner. Your AC is calling upon you to schedule a visit of specialized AC repair services in Karachi.

You can also inspect and repair your air conditioner on your own if have got the necessary skills and tools. Otherwise, you should not mess with your expensive electrical appliance. 

Most Common Causes that Make Your AC Make Strange Noises

If your air conditioner is making strange and loud noises, it means it is time to book AC repair services for a thorough inspection and maintenance. The most common causes behind these unfamiliar noises are discussed below with the possible solutions:

Dust Particles in Condenser

Let us admit it! Sometimes, our outdoor unit is surrounded by shrubs and grasses. These shrubs not only leave a lot of dust and pollens to enter your air conditioner’s condenser but also become a cause of stopping air from your unit.

When your AC condenser receives too much dust, dirt, leaves, twigs, sticks and pollens, it starts making sounds. Your AC can produce the following noises

  • Banging
  • Rattling

If these noises make your life unpleasant, do not worry. Instead, try to find a solution on your own if you have the skills and tools or try AC Services in Karachi.


What do you have to do? Remove the cover of the condenser to remove all the dust particles, leaves, and other debris. It will let your condenser work optimally.

If your system is still producing the same sounds, it means the issue is not resolved. You should let an expert see into the matter. He will inspect it, find the problem, and resolve the issue properly.

Loose Screws

Whether you noticed it or not, when you switch on your indoor or outdoor system, it vibrates. If you do not take proper care of it, the vibration can loosen your system’s screws.

These loose screws can cause your systems to make noise. It will not only break down your system gradually but also make your home sitting unpleasant.


You must be thinking; what should you do now? It is not that complicated. You just have to tighten all the screws that are loose. For this purpose, you have to use certain tools, which you should buy or lend from a professional AC technician.

Broken Down Fan Motor

Sometimes, you hear a banging noise from inside of your system, it might be due to a broken-down fan motor.  It could happen due to a lack of maintenance and servicing.

Now, when the motor has broken down, you might be thinking of replacing your motor. But according to Ac installation Services in Karachi, it is better to repair your motor because replacing might prove heavy on your pocket.

Professional service providers inspect the system, track down the problem, devise a plan of action, and resolve it effectively. So, you should not delay showing it to the expert AC services for proper functioning.


The wisest step is to inspect your fan motor. You do this on your own or you can use professional AC repair services for more effective maintenance.

Broken Compressor

Decades of no maintenance and servicing can lead to the breakdown of your air conditioner compressor. After its breakdown, it starts making voices which show that your air conditioning unit is malfunctioning.

If you do not get it inspected soon, it will cause more breakdowns to your AC that can result in no cool air at all.


There are two possible results for a broken compressor:

  • You can repair the compressor
  • You can repair it on your own if you have the skills and tools.
  • Or you can book AC repair services for repair.
  • You can replace it

As you know that replacing the compressor can hurt your wallet, repairing it is more appropriate. So, if you have the skills and tools, it is good. Otherwise, you should use a professional technician.

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