Why You Should Add Medallions to Your Employee Name Tags

Through the use of workplace uniforms or less strict dress codes, employers can better represent their company to the public through the way their employees dress. Employees who interact personally with clients will want to present themselves in a professional, but approachable way. A part of this comes down to their dress code, which very often includes name tags.

Name badges help make everyone on the team look more polished and cohesive, while also serving a more practical purpose. They can help to facilitate smoother interactions with clients and encourage them to remember the name of the employee they are talking to, which can help in developing long-lasting professional relationships.

In case you are unfamiliar, medallions are small, rounded name badge attachments that can be used for a number of purposes by a company. While you are deciding how you wish to present your employees to existing and potential clients, you should consider your options with medallions and see what they could potentially offer your business through the employees.

Add Branded Style A medallion is a small decorative detail that does not distract the eye, but gives it something pleasant and possibly even unexpected to look at. You can use this small canvas as an opportunity to add some personality and style to your name tags.

Typically, name badges are fairly simple in design and show only the necessary information such as the company logo and the employee’s name and job title. However, a badge accessory like a medallion can add some style to them to make them more fun to look at, while still feeling on brand. You can design them to look any way you like, so feel free to give it some thought before deciding on anything.

Celebrate Long-Term Employees One of the more popular reasons to add medallions to employee name tags is to boost team morale by celebrating employees who have been with the company for many years already. It is very common for people to stay at a single workplace for a relatively short amount of time before moving on to the next one, so it could be a good practice to celebrate the ones who are committed to the company and have been around for years already.

You can pick out star medallions or ones that are labeled with a milestone number of years as a way to distinguish your trusted, long-term employees. These are the people who have been with the company for years, know how things run, and contribute to the company knowledge that you will be hard-pressed to find in a new recruit.

You can boost morale and show that you value these individuals by doing small things like adding specially designed medallions to their name tags. It is a small gesture, but it can feel highly rewarding to know that you are appreciated where you work.

Show Corporate Stances Another way that people have found use for medallions on name tags is to proudly display some of the stances the company holds as a part of the community. This varies from company to company, but some find it makes them more open and inviting to clients who see visual representations of certain stances on values, inclusion, and diversity. You may want to add this to your employees’ ID name badges as a way to show those stances right at introduction.

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