Why TOTO Flushometers and Valves Have Changed the Plumbing Industry

If you’re new to this party, here’s something you need to know. Touchless bathroom fixtures, not only faucets but also flushometer valves, can deliver significant benefits to business administrators and maintenance crews.

Touchless fixtures can help prevent vandalism and abuse because there are fewer external parts that can break or be easily damaged. With sinks, there is less of a concern about the spread of germs or of contamination.

No matter the touchless fixture, water usage can often be carefully monitored, metered, and controlled, which helps conserve water use and can significantly reduce water consumption costs.

Some of the most technologically impressive and valuable touchless flush valves in the industry are TOTO’s flushometer valves.

While there is a wide variety of TOTO flushometer valves, even taking a quick, high-level look at one will quickly illustrate the sort of value that these plumbing parts can add.

Consider, for example, TOTO’s EcoPower High-Efficiency Toilet Flush Valves. These high-quality flush valves are powerful, reliable, and long-lasting.

In fact, they’re even surprisingly sustainable and self-contained. They even contain a water-driven turbine that powers the valve unit and keeps it going even in demanding situations. Even during periods of high use, you don’t need to worry about batteries dying – it’s water pressure powered.

Not only are they self-powered, but they also have no minimum daily usage requirement to keep them operational, which is just can convenient for facilities that experience moderate usage as it is in locations with heavy traffic and usage.

The unit itself is also tough and highly practical. For instance, it’s built with an attractive and durable chrome-plated body and contains a solid bronze valve body that, being bronze, is highly corrosion-resistant.

Additionally, the body contains tamper-proof screws that help to thwart vandalism and abuse. Inside this TOTO flushometer flush valve, there’s a self-cleaning piston with a 360° filter screen. It keeps itself clean for longer, helping to preserve the functionality of the flush valve.

You don’t want overly sensitive automatic flush valves that go off at random times, wasting power and water, right? You’re not alone, no one else wants that either, and TOTO has seen to it. These TOTO flushometers have smart sensors with self-adjusting detection ranges with a 6-second detection time. This improves reliability, and predictability, and importantly, solves the water and electricity wasting problems associated with ghost flushing.

These flushometer valves have also garnered a wide range of certifications. For instance, the one featured here is ADA compliant, has been CalGreen and Water Sense Certified, and is also compliant with Proposition 65.

So it doesn’t just make claims about saving water – it also does the heavy lifting, too, and all with less work for maintenance and repair crews.

TOTO flushometers and valves like these are also handsome, modern, and ideal for settings with advanced modern and even post-modern aesthetics. With their reliable, innovative, cost-saving technological features and aesthetic superiority, it’s no wonder institutions and facilities across the country are accepting them.

Where Can I Get TOTO Flushometers and Valves?
Looking for TOTO flushometer valves and repair parts to upgrade your clients’ facilities? It helps to have a supplier partner with a broad inventory of essential, official parts at great prices when you need them.

That supply partner is Quality Plumbing Supply, which carries a broad range of TOTO plumbing equipment parts and fittings for repairs.

Visit their website to see a full line of parts and fittings for TOTO and countless other manufacturers. You can also reach them for comment or assistance, at Admin@QualityPlumbingSupply.com or by phone at 1-833-251-4591.

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