Why Does AniMixPlay Get Stuck On The Loading Screen?

As AniMixPlay is a popular option among fans nowadays. People have started consuming it more frequently. The site has attracted fairly large traffic in a short time. It’s the best option in the market.  There’s neither malicious software nor any ads on the site. If you are a crazy Anime fan, then you must try it. The site will not go to disappoint you at all If you’re a fan and you often get stuck on the loading screen. You might be thinking what just happen to the site? Why is AniMixPlay not working? Here’s a simple solution, you can try. 

Why Isn’t AniMixPlay Working?

There’re a lot of reasons which create problems while accessing the site. On the site, you need to check certain points. These points can cause different problems and loading screens is one of them. 

The solution can fix your problem if AniMixPlay.to not working for you. 

Let’s check each of the points that cause the Malfunction of the site.  Here are a few.

  • App Issues.
  • Less Storage space. 
  • Try Another Player.
  • Check Wifi. 
  1. App Issues

The app usually faces issues like that on certain occasions. The site isn’t responsible for that. There might be some issue going on with your device. You need to update your app before starting it. 

If your app is updated but still making issues while streaming. Then it’s better to redownload your app. This will make all issues gone. 

You can find the app on the website. Make sure you download the correct app as there’s no for it on google play.

  1. Less Storage Space

The loading problem can become certain if you have less space on your phone. Try to free some space by deleting some apps. You have to make sure that your phone has enough space. 

Less storage on the device can make the stream slow. This can be very annoying. So delete some useless apps and then try again.

This will not only solve the loading problem but will also solve the comments not loading problem.

So now you can get the idea that most loading problems can be solved by having proper space on the device.

  1. Try Another Player

Many people face problems with the player on the site. The AniMix Play internal player not working is one of the most common problems of the app. If you are facing different loading problems on the player.

The buffering or long loading time can be annoying. So it’s better to change the media player on the app. 

Most sites don’t have an option to choose different players. But fortunately, there is an option to change the media player.

Try the one which works for you. This will decrease the long loading times and most of your other problems on the site. 

  1. Check Wifi

One of the major factors that create a lot of loading problems is the internet connection. It’s better to get a strong and stable internet connection. The weak connection causes many problems for the streams. Sometimes the site becomes unresponsive. Most of the time slow internet makes the site inaccessible. The black screen problem and Loading time problem can be easily solved. So make sure to check wifi and Mobile Data to get seamless performance.


It’s common to have all these above-mentioned problems on your stream. You can solve many of your problems by using these tips. But sometimes, the site is taken down for server maintenance. So if all of the mentioned points don’t work then it’s good to wait for a while. After the maintenance, the site will get back online. Hope you get the idea

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