Reasons to choose React Js for your Project?

The front-end development ecosystem is constantly evolving. New tools are released daily and with so many available libraries and frameworks to choose from, it becomes more difficult for business owners to make the right choice. Now, when it comes to front-end development, we have noticed that Angular is the default choice among business owners who want to take their business online. However, there is another popular front-end development framework called React JS that is breaking records in web development.

What is React JS?

React JS is a JavaScript library created and maintained by Facebook. According to to React JS creator Jordan Walke, React is an efficient, declarative, and flexible open-source JavaScript library for building simple, fast, and scalable front-end web applications.

Since its launch, it has taken the front-end development space by storm.

The latest Stack Overflow survey also revealed that React is the most popular web framework, while Angular ranked 9th on the same list.

The Top reasons why react js might be the best choice for your project

If you have already heard about React but are still not sure whether to use it in your project or not, this post will help you.

Below are the top reasons why React JS can be the best framework for your project

It is easy to learn

React, compared to other popular frontend frameworks like Angular & Vue, is much easier to learn.

This is one of the main reasons why React has gained so much traction in such a short time. It helps companies build their projects quickly.

You know, the harder it is to learn a particular technology or framework, the more time it takes to start the development process. And we as human beings often tend to avoid things that are difficult to learn.

But because React is a simple framework that is easy to learn and get started with, businesses and big brands are more inclined to use it.

It helps to create a rich user interface

Nowadays, the quality of the user interface in an application plays an important role. If the user interface is poorly designed, it reduces the app’s chances of success.

However, if the app has a high-quality user interface, then there is a better chance that your users will enjoy using the app.

Therefore, creating rich user interfaces is, in a way, necessary for an application to survive and thrive.

The good news is that React makes it possible to create such quality and rich user interfaces through its declarative components, which brings us to the next point.

It allows you to write your components

React comes with JSX, an optional syntax extension that allows you to write your comments.

These components accept HTML quotes and also make rendering all sub-components a pleasant experience for developers.

Although there has been a lot of discussion about JSX, it has already happened for writing custom components, building high-volume applications, and converting HTML mockups into ReactElement trees.

Increases developer productivity

Frequent updates often turn into headaches when the application has complex logic and when a single modification in one component can dramatically affect other components.

However, to solve this problem, Facebook enhanced React with the feature of component reuse.

Component reusability in React essentially allows developers to redeploy the same digital objects.

The procedure is also simple! – for example, developers can start adding simple components such as buttons, text fields, and checkboxes, and then move them into wrapper components, which eventually move into the root component.

This approach provides better maintainability and code growth because each component in React has its internal logic that is easy to manipulate and consequently increases the productivity of application development.

It offers fast rendering

When you are building a complex application with a high load, it is mandatory to define the structure of the application at the beginning because it can affect the performance of your application.

Simply put, the DOM model is tree-structured. Therefore, a minor modification at a higher layer can greatly affect the user interface of the application. To solve this, Facebook introduced the Virtual DOM feature.

Virtual DOM, as the name suggests, is a virtual representation of the DOM that allows you to first test all changes to the virtual DOM and calculate the risks with each modification.

As a result, this approach helps maintain high application performance and guarantees a better user experience.

It is SEO friendly

For any online business, search engine optimization is the gateway to success.

According to Moz, the lower the page load time and the higher the rendering speed, the higher the app’s Google ranking.

With its fast rendering, React significantly reduces page load time compared to other frameworks, which greatly helps businesses secure the top spot on the Google search engine results page.

It comes with a useful set of developer tools

Learning emerging technologies and using them in real projects can be fun and rewarding, but only if they are used correctly.

Facebook understands this and has added the much-needed React dev and Chrome dev tools to its React JS framework.

Essentially, these React tools help developers discover child and parent components, track component hierarchies, and check the current state of components and props.

Strong community support

Like Angular, React has very strong community support, which is one of the main reasons to incorporate React JS into your project.

Every day, a large number of individual React developers contribute to making React a better front-end framework. React JS currently has 136,079 stars and 1,331 regular contributors on Github.

Not only that, but experts also regularly upload free React tutorials on Youtube and write in-depth React articles and blogs on the web. For example, a simple Google search for “free React tutorial” returns 13,00,00,000 results.

Moreover, React experts also regularly solve doubts on QA sites like Stack Overflow and Quora, which means that if you ever get stuck using React, you can always get reliable solutions from experts.

It offers better code stability

React follows the downward flow of data to ensure that the parent structure is not affected by any modifications in its child structure.

So whenever a developer makes changes to an object, he only needs to modify its state and make the appropriate adjustments. This way only the specific component will be updated.

This data flow and structure results in better code stability and smooth application performance.

It is used by many fortune 500 companies

Still in doubt whether to use React or not?

Check out some inspiring examples of React solutions. Thousands of companies, including some Fortune 500 companies, have chosen React JS for their websites and mobile apps.

Airbnb, Tesla, Tencent QQ, and Walmart are among the leading brands that have built their mobile apps using the React Native framework.

On the other hand, React web framework is currently used by famous companies including Netflix, Paypal, NASA, BBC, Lyft, and New York Times to name a few.

The thing is, since React & React Native are used by so many successful and Fortune 500 companies, React must be a useful frontend and framework for mobile app development.

Perfect data binding

React uses one-way data binding and flow, which is an application designer that handles the flow of data from a single point. So everyone can track all the changes that are made to change specific parts of the data.

Expand your tools and capabilities

The main advantage of React in the project is that developers can write in javascript as well as in the JSX modem. This approach will allow them to use HTML inserts in the code, which allows an extensive chance to restructure and increase complete productivity.

Testing and functionality

React not only results in performance but is also a highly testable application. It facilitates the development of a clear design that is suitable for testing. They can be monitored from triggered outputs, functions, events, etc. Test them before using them and React JS makes it easy.

Designs focused on the user interface

React JS provides the potential for any UI layout. Enables significant data changes to automatically transform specific user interface elements. With this latest feature, you don’t need anything to update the user interface.

It provides a unique layer of abstraction

One of React’s robust sides is that it offers good abstraction, meaning it doesn’t expose any complex internals to the user. Developers need to be aware of a few basics and refrain from exploring the inner workings.

Designing templates is easy

The template design saves hours of development time for both amateur and professional developers, allowing them to write app code immediately after create-react-app finishes setting up the development environment.


This finally brings us to the end of this blog. We hope you now know why React JS is a great front-end framework.

Like Angular, React is a high-quality framework and deserves your attention.

So what are you waiting for?

Hire a React JS developer and get started today!

And remember, building a successful React JS app requires you to hire the best React JS development company. So contact us today for a free consultation for your project.

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