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Why Choose Bradley Plumbing Fixtures?


When it comes to commercial restroom fixtures or solutions for industrial environments, Bradley plumbing fixtures offer incredible advantages. Their commercial products are used by corporations all over the world, including big names such as Disney, Qatar University, Coca-Cola, and many more. Chances are that when you visit a Starbucks near you, you will get to use Bradley plumbing fixtures.

However, Bradley corporation´s success came from the industrial environment where their ideas revolutionized the way companies dealt with sanitary and safety issues to protect their workers.

Their story of success started in 1917 when Harry Bradley devised an innovative sanitary system for the thriving manufacturing industry of the early twentieth century. Factory owners were obsessed with productivity and wanted to reduce workers’ downtime anywhere they could. Bradley noticed that a lot of the time wasted by workers was caused by the lines that formed in front of sanitary fixtures at the end of break times. Workers needed to comply with sanitary rules before entering the work floor, but access was limited by the number of available lavatories. Installing additional lavatories would take up too much space needed for production, and that space would remain idle for the rest of the day.

So, Harry went to the drawing board and designed the first “washfountain”, an innovative plumbing fixture that allowed multiple workers to wash up simultaneously. Effectively saving space and drastically reducing waiting lines. The idea was a smash hit giving Harry the success and capital needed to found his own company called The Bradley Washfountain Company in 1921.

Today, many would consider Harry´s idea a bit quaint: it was, after all, just a one-piece circular bowl that sprayed water upwards. It had more in common with street fountains than with modern bathroom sinks. However, the idea quickly gained traction, being adopted by other industries such as terrariums, fresh produce displays, aquariums, and many more given its genius simplicity.

Bradley plumbing fixtures continued to evolve, offering a wider range of solutions for industrial environments. Among the many examples we can give, we have their emergency safety products. Their drench shower and eyewash industrial fixtures are ubiquitous in environments that strive to ensure worker safety and reduce risks of injury.

Combination safety fixtures manufactured by Bradley offer holistic and effective contaminant relief measures, setting incredibly high industry standards. For instance, their Spintec showerheads have been shown to provide an even distribution of water, making washdown more efficient, and their eye-face wash system helps companies comply with strict ANSI annual inspection requirements.

Modern commercial Bradley plumbing fixtures are also highly sought-after given their durability and easy maintenance. They also offer attractive designs and finishes that seamlessly complement any design style for businesses and institutions. They are a favorite in schools, high-traffic areas, office buildings, and more. They were chosen by the Johns Hopkins Medical Center due to their design flexibility, outstanding features, and their easy-to-clean cast-formed surfaces. They are made to last a lifetime, and can easily be repaired since many providers, such as Quality Plumbing Supply, carries Bradley repair pieces and replacement parts.

Their latest models stay in line with current trends in the sanitary industry. Their sensor faucets have been installed in thousands of restrooms around the world, helping reduce germ transmission and improve overall health for visitors, customers and employees.

If you want to find out more about the amazing advantages brought by Bradley plumbing fixtures, visit Quality Plumbing Supply. Their highly qualified and experienced staff will help you find the right products for your plumbing needs or guarantee a solid supply of Bradley repair parts and maintenance kits.

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