Who says a hatchback needs rear seats?

Wapcar Automotive News – The full specifications and evaluation of the Toyota GR Corolla 2023 has been released and it can be said that this is the first hit. Almost everything seems designed and built for enthusiasts, including careful engineering specifically for tracking work. A feature exclusive to the low-production Morizo ​​Edition is the removal of the rear seats, a move that shows just how focused the car really is. Eliminating the rear seats has big benefits and it’s not just about saving weight.

As someone new to the coupe life with his BMW 128i, loading and unloading on the track turned out to be excruciating pain in the ass. I really miss my five-door Mazda 2 hatchback in times like these (also expect the Mazda 2 Hatchback 2023) because it’s so much easier to load, unload, and transport tons of stuff with the two rear doors. When I removed the folding rear seats for a while, it not only increased cargo space exponentially but also reduced curb weight.

I once carried a bag of track-day essentials, a full-size jack, a folding table, a folding chair, and an EZ Up with sandbags to keep it on the ground. and a large box of products for the company I work for. time. The 2 is very impressive for being a small b-segment economizer. Empty and then paired with a lightweight fixed-back racing seat, this setup helped shed 200 pounds. The car is noticeably faster on the track and on the street, and I really appreciate its dual-purpose nature.

On the Morizo ​​Edition, the key frame bracing elements are located in the rear seats, including a thick bar that runs around the perimeter where the rear seat’s legs are located and a rear load-bearing foot bar that joins the rear shock absorbers. . tower. Considering the metals are heavy – I guess they’re not made from something as light as titanium – swapping out the seats for the slats may not result in an impressive net weight reduction.

However, the benefits of increased stiffness and cargo space more than makeup for this. More stiffness means more grip, more precise handling and even improved ride comfort (flexibility is the enemy). I am of the opinion that little or no weight loss is acceptable craftsman rototiller for sale, as long as there is a marked improvement in performance elsewhere. For example, fitting a heavy trail tire with 200 or less wear on light wheels has a grip advantage that more than compensates for the increase in weight over a tire with target wear of less than 280.

When it comes to cargo space, Morizo ​​has it vertically. Having the rear doors makes up for the large rear bar that gets in the way. In fact, owners can throw 4 tires upright in the old position of the rear seats. They can also thread ratchet straps through all four and anchor them to the bottom bar. Even if much wider wheels and tires won’t fit, that space can be devoted to storage bins, EZ Up, whatever – the bar allows you to tie things down, as well as hold stuff. not move and scratch or damage the card back door.

The Morizo ​​is a low-key, low-production version anyway, so it won’t be like anyone has to choose between seats or no seats if they’re in the market for any Corolla. Which GR. It will be interesting to see how the cargo-carrying and chassis stiffness benefits come down in practice among enthusiasts, say those who shell out over $50,000 for a car. making it their trusted steed. I was also curious to see if the increased chassis stiffness from the Morizo ​​struts reflected the benefit of installing a roll cage by adding rigidity. Either way, it’s great that Toyota is marketing a sedan with no rear seats – they really have the enthusiast idea in mind with this one.

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