Which EMR, eClinicalWorks VSEpicCare, is best for your practice!

eClinicalWorks EMR – An overview:

eClinicalWorks EMR System enables the administration of Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Practice Management (PM), Population Health Management (PHM), and Revenue Cycle Management through the cloud (RCM). 

On-premise and cloud options are available through eClinicalWorks EHR Software. For all sizes, this item is offered. Practices can be used to evaluate patient histories, previous prescriptions, sensitivities, and lab results, administer symptomatic testing, manage patient records, and review patient charts. The sophisticated patient interface provided by eClinicalWorks enables patients to examine lab results, communicate with doctors, request medication refills, and get appointment updates. 

Beyond offering reliable Electronic Medical Records Software, eClinicalWorks EHR Software provides various features. It is a software company that has won awards, and it serves over 800,000 clinical professionals worldwide and more than 115,000 suppliers across the US. 

Features of eClinicalWorks EMR:

Features of the eClinicalWorks EMR provide integrated Population Health solutions. By better comprehending illness patterns, practices can assess risk. In addition, it offers patient-centric clinical information unavailable in the practice On-request access. Collaboration with other doctors is possible for clinical information and communication, informing, referring, and arrangements. Quicker clinical data documentation at the point of care. Enhanced care delivery and a decrease in clinical mistakes. 

Management of Appointments: 

Carefully planning your visits is essential to guarantee that the necessary exam room and equipment will be accessible when required. With the help of this software, you may book appointments in the most efficient way possible, ensuring that all necessary components are present to prevent problems. Overall, you’ll be able to organize your time better, look for appointments by name, and add new patients without much difficulty, among other things. 


Integration is crucial since having a single, centralized program makes everything easier to manage. You probably utilize several different pieces of software. The platform’s web browser interface also incorporates all necessary equipment, including ECG, EEG, and more, at the same time. 

Data Access: 

It is only fair to inform you of eClinicalWorks’ EMR features if we compare eClinicalWorks with EpicCare. Using the software, you can get data from other network users, enabling you to make more accurate healthcare judgments. 

Integration of telemedicine:

You can access a telehealth function with eClinicalWorks EMR, allowing you to schedule appointments online. This implies that you have access to a more extensive patient base, including some who might not have visited your office. 

Epic EMR- An overview:

EpicCare EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software from Epic Systems Corporation supports over 40 distinct medical disciplines. In addition, users can alter the Electronic Medical Records system to suit their unique requirements and office procedures. 

By integrating with other pharmacies to deliver test results, the platform enables patients to quickly and affordably obtain their e-prescriptions. It can also connect to immunization and lab registries, but these features might cost more. 

The telehealth capabilities that healthcare providers have access to can also be used for continuing patient care, peer-to-peer (P2P) consultation, specialist referral services, and patient monitoring. Additional noteworthy features include a patient portal, automated claims processing, premium billing invoicing, and data management capabilities. In addition, both patient charts and templates provide modification options. 

Epic EMR Features:

Although EpicCare EMR is a feature-rich solution, adding capabilities and features can drastically raise the price of its plans. As a result, large healthcare companies may find their solutions cost-effective, but small clinics might opt to keep with the features they’ll need to stay within their budget. 

Easily manage your claims: 

The features of the Epic EMR will be discussed first in the eClinicalWorks vs. Epic comparison. This software’s claims management feature makes it more accessible for you to manage your claims. With the help of this function, you can automate the procedure, decrease errors, and improve your chances of getting paid.  

Schedule More Patients for Your Practice: 

You may streamline your daily schedule with Epic’s scheduling tool. As a result, you may often see more patients, making it easier to welcome new patients into your medical practice. 

eClinicalworks VS Epic EMR comparable?

Charting and appointment management features in Epic and eClinicalWorks help increase physician satisfaction. The latter features both handwriting recognition and HIPAA compliance. Despite having similar fundamental functions, both systems faced technological issues. Software like eClinicalWorks can help a small medical practice grow into a significant enterprise and is more affordable than Epic. 

What distinctions exist?  eClinicalworks VEpic? 

According to a survey, EpicCare EMR and the eClinicalWorks system are very well-liked and helpful. The two systems do differ in some crucial ways, however. Epic’s user interface is more complicated than the earlier one. It can be challenging to operate, particularly for medical professionals without computer experience. Many medical practices find it tough to afford because it can also be expensive. 

By contrasting the two programs side by side, it is simple to compare the critical distinctions between EpicCare EMR and eClinical software. The former is more straightforward and less expensive than the latter, but the latter is more expensive and intricate. Both systems include handwriting recognition, appointment management, charting, E/M coding, and HIPAA compliance. Voice is another feature of the EpicCare EMR. 

Let’s compare the price- eClinicalworks VSEpic EMR:

The starting pricing of eClinicalWorks is $449 per provider/month + 2.9% of practice collections, less expensive than the industry standard for medical software. EpicCare EMR’s starting pricing is $1,200 per year compared to its rivals. The cost of EpicCare EMR varies according to the size of the company. Unfortunately, neither a free plan nor a risk-free trial period is available. To obtain a quote, interested suppliers must contact sales personnel because it lacks simple pricing schemes. 

eClinical is more affordable and scales from small to large practice sizes compared to EpicCare EMR. Except for Linux, it works with all operating systems and has a more straightforward interface. Support must be available by email, phone, and live chat. In addition, live online training, classroom instruction, webinars, and documentation are available. However, Epic’s total cost of ownership is higher than eClinicalWorks. 

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Final thought:

The final phase of the EMR is dependent upon your needs and budget. However, we still advise you to view a demo of both software to have a clear idea of their features and usability.

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