Where Should I Build My Next Custom Computer Tower?

It is that time of the year and you finally decided it is time to get a custom computer tower with enough power to play all the current, and upcoming, games with maxed-out settings. However, with so many options and opinions flying around in the online world, it is difficult to know for certain where to start. There are thousands of contradicting opinions out there about where to get the best custom computer tower or the best online PC builder, and all of them seem to make such great points. This all makes it very difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The good news is you´re not alone, and there are many companies out there, like CLX Gaming, making it increasingly easier for gamers to get exactly what they need. Undecided gamers no longer have to settle with prebuilt gaming PCs that tend to cater to wider audiences by using middle-of-the-road components. Today, you can easily get a completely customized gaming PC with the best components for your gaming style and personal needs without having to spend months researching. However, there are several factors you need to consider before venturing forth.

What aspects should you consider when buying your custom computer tower?

Added Convenience
A few years ago, the fastest way to get a gaming PC was to walk into a big box store and pick one right up. However, these were usually made with beginner users in mind, and included many subpar components to widen profit margins (power supply units, for example).

Today, online gaming PC builders allow you to choose the components you need and compare them so you understand how each one affects overall performance. This means you can get a high-end custom computer tower built from scratch and be sure it will work exactly as advertised or better.

Extra Simplicity
When using the best PC builders online, you no longer have to wait for each part to arrive so you can start putting it all together. Once you purchase your gaming rig, it will be put together by expert gamers who know what they´re doing and will test each part to make sure they all work as advertised. This even includes cooling options and overclocking, meaning that you can squeeze every last FPS out of your graphic card and processor without any risk on your part.

It might sound like these services will come at an extra cost. However, if you take into account that you will be saving a lot of time by finding all the pieces you need in one place and having your computer built and tested in days, instead of the weeks it usually takes to get your pieces shipped and the long hours you have to spend putting it all together, then it all starts making a lot more sense. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about any defective pieces, which would increase shipping costs and wait times. You will receive a perfectly working custom computer tower you can fire up right out of the box.

Complete control
CLX Gaming offers bespoke rigs that you can customize in ways you never thought possible. You can choose any component you want, overclock your processors, have them install a wide variety of cooling systems, lighting, and RGB fans, and even change the look and feel of your custom computer tower with industrial-grade paint techniques and awe-inspiring designs and finishes.

If you want your new custom computer tower that can outperform anything your friends currently have, and that looks both menacing and sleek, you need to visit CLX Gaming and start building the gaming rig of your dreams.

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