What’s the Role of Geomatics in Land Surveys?

Investing in a Calgary property can be decisions. The perks of living or having a business in one of the world’s most livable cities are countless, making your investment valuable.

However, one thing you need to ensure before taking the first step of being a property owner is surveying your prospective land. For this, you need the services of trusted geomatic survey consultants in Calgary. Doing so allows you to learn vital things about the property that will help you determine whether it’s a worthy investment or not.

That said, land surveys are necessary, but what does geomatics have to do with it?

Importance of Geomatics in Land Surveying
Most people have probably heard of geomatics in engineering. After all, the applications of geomatic engineering are everywhere.

However, the idea is a little less known regarding land surveying.

Role of Geomatics in Land Surveying
Natural Resources Canada defines geomatics as the modern discipline that combines the tasks of gathering, storing, processing, analyzing, and delivering spatial data. Geomatic engineers and surveying professionals study the surface of the Earth, waterways, and airspace to determine and indicate boundary lines, which help analyze and develop these areas.

When surveyors use geomatics in conjunction with land surveying, they get highly accurate results. So, it’s safe to say that geomatics is vital in doing land surveys in Calgary and the rest of the world.

Making Land Surveys Easier and Better

● In the absence of geographic information, geomatics makes the collection of required data easier. This allows for reliable surveying results.

● The use of high-tech methods and modern tools, including Geographic Information Systems and Global Positioning Systems, provides a faster, easier, yet more precise way of gathering information about land structures, features, and boundaries. With these components, surveyors can complete land surveys in significantly less time than the amount of time it took before.

● Now, surveyors can do less fieldwork with the help of geomatics and its essential parts, such as remote sensing and aerial photography. These elements have the potential to provide millions of land or structure-based data points that traditional surveying technologies cannot. When working in the same system, Geomatics and all its components result in a more standardized coordinate system, providing the same organized data across related fields and industries. Searching for the necessary information in particular projects becomes less complicated.

● Surveying land for existing structures that potentially require relocation or improvement can be better monitored and analyzed through geomatics.

● Land surveying is now more efficient, cost-effective, and time-saving.

Unfortunately, if surveyors fail to use geomatics correctly, the results can be costly. It can lead to poor location, inadequate alignment of buildings and other infrastructure, and faulty positions, which can waste time, effort, and money.

Thankfully, today’s world is highly digital, making the risk outlined above unlikely. With all the modern technologies that geomatic survey consultants use now, traditional land surveying has become highly accurate and reliable. These characteristics make it a valuable factor in ensuring your future Calgary property’s usefulness, worth, and safety.

And when you make that important decision of buying a parcel of land in Alberta’s metropolitan city, make sure you only get the best land surveying services so you can make the best decisions.

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