What Is Piercing Jewelry?

If you’re thinking of getting pierced, you may be wondering what exactly is piercing jewelry. Before you decide to get your tongue pierced, consider what types of materials are used to pierce the flesh. Here’s a quick overview of different materials, including Surgical steel, Sterling silver, and glass and acrylic. Once you’ve determined which type of metal is best for your piercing, you can choose the right piercer.

Sterling silver

Many people have the misconception that silver is not tarnishing-resistant. While silver is 99% pure, it can still be extremely sensitive and prone to scratches and chipping. In addition, piercing experts recommend using caution when wearing silver jewelry. For this reason, they recommend that you check the karats of the jewelry you purchase. In addition, sterling silver can contain various alloys that can be allergenic.

The silver in sterling silver is 92.5% pure and the remaining 7.5% is a different metal. Copper is usually alloyed into sterling silver, making it more durable. Copper does not react with the skin, but pure silver does. Because of this, it isn’t ideal for new piercings. This article discusses the pros and cons of sterling silver for body piercings. Once you choose your piercing jewelry, you will be pleased you did.

One disadvantage of sterling silver is the possibility of a permanent grey ring. While this is not a serious health risk, if the piercing has not healed, tarnish deposits inside the unhealed fistula may develop. This grey-black stain is often referred to as a tarnish tattoo. While it is unsightly, it’s not harmful, and isn’t the same as hyperpigmentation.

Surgical steel

Stainless steel is one of the most common types of metal used in body jewelry. Surgical steel, however, is safer because it contains less nickel than regular stainless steel. This type of steel has alloys trapped inside to give it an extra layer of safety. Always choose body jewelry made of high-quality Surgical steel. If you are allergic to nickel, stainless steel may be an option. If you are unsure, consult a dermatologist.

Surgical steel is the most common type of steel used for body jewelry. Surgical steel is highly resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. However, it is not suitable for all types of body piercings. Surgical steel is better for piercings that require healing. Surgical steel is also more expensive than titanium, which is one of the most popular types of steel used for piercings.

If you are allergic to titanium, you should avoid using this type of metal. It is not suitable for people with eczema or nickel allergies. However, medical-grade Surgical Steel is acceptable for straight-away use. It is also very lightweight. Titanium is also highly durable and is available in vibrant colors. However, titanium is not cheap and you should check whether you can afford it before choosing the type of Piercing jewelry you need.


There are many benefits to PIERCING jewelry made from glass. Glass jewelry is biocompatible and is easily sterilized with a steam autoclave. Its biocompatibility characteristics make it an ideal choice for body jewelry. Glass is also odour-resistant and dishwasher safe. You can wear it confidently and without fear of the metals rubbing off on your skin. Pyrex body jewelry is dishwasher safe and contains less than.05 percent nickel.

Glass is a common material for body piercing. Ancient Egypt has found glass flesh plugs that were made from the material. Many ancient cultures have prized glass as a status symbol and a sign of wealth. Because glass reflects light, it is often shiny and reflective. Glass jewellery is transparent or semi-transparent, but can also be produced with a matte finish. Glass is also the preferred material for retainers because it is biocompatible and strong.

Another type of glass jewelry is made of transliquid glass. This type of glass jewelry contains colored liquids that flow inside. These pieces are typically pierced into the ear. Transliquid glass jewelry can be in the form of a twist or a plug and can be pierced in the ears. Glass jewelry can be made of Gorilla Glass, which has an assortment of designs that are both beautiful and functional.


There are many benefits of PIERCING jewelry made of acrylic. Not only is acrylic extremely flexible, but it also reduces pressure on the piercing. While acrylic is less reactive to bacteria than metal, it is not recommended for long-term use. Because acrylic jewelry is easily scratched and can crack, it should not be worn daily. You should also avoid wearing acrylic jewelry near mouthwash and alcohol as these can cause damage to the pieces.

Using soap and water after piercing is a safe and effective way to clean the jewelry. However, before inserting it, jewelry for initial piercings should be sterilized. While some plastics may be safe to sterilize, most will damage the jewelry. Thankfully, there are many safer options than acrylic, such as the UV variety of acrylic. PMMA is a better choice for body piercing because it is biocompatible with the body.

When buying PIERCING jewelry, make sure it is made of the highest quality acrylic available. The acrylic monomers are vaporized by the body at lower temperatures and can be as toxic as carbon monoxide. These vapors are also carcinogenic and increase the risk of skin cancer. Choosing acrylic body jewelry is not an easy decision, but if you are unsure, you can always take a look at a trusted source.

Press-fit posts

When you change the press-fit posts in your Piercing jewelry, you will need a pin insertion taper. These small posts gradually taper up in length to accommodate the jewelry size. They are made of implant-grade stainless steel or titanium. Pin insertion tapers are usually about two inches or two and a half inches long. They will guide the post into the piercing without causing any complications.

Press-fit posts are best suited for curved piercings, such as the nostril, nose, conch, or tragus. The post itself is usually attached to a ball or disk. Removable ends can vary in design and gold. They can be plain or have gemstones prong-set into them. Make sure to choose posts with an appropriate size and thickness for your particular piercing.

Threadless post jewellery is the most popular type of piercing jewelry because it doesn’t require a thread to secure it. Threadless jewelry is also fast and easy to change. However, you must be careful when changing threadless jewelry. They can fall out if not bended correctly. Nevertheless, this type of jewelry fits most piercings, including the earlobe, cartilage, and lip piercing.

Another type of piercing jewelry is press-fit. These snap-together threadless posts are often more secure than threaded jewelry. Press-fit jewelry pieces can be worn through multiple piercings. If you choose press-fit jewelry, you’ll need to learn how to buy it properly. Make sure you purchase the right size for your piercing. You can even adjust the length of your jewelry without needing to go under the knife.

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Labret barbells

There are several types of labret barbells that are used for piercing the lip. The circular one is a very popular choice. The cylindrical version is more comfortable to insert into the lip. The removable ball on either end makes it suitable for many types of piercings. Keep in mind, however, that circular labrets may wear the gums or teeth if they are worn for long periods of time.

Another type of barbell is the labret stud. The curved barbell fits nearly any piercing and is available in multiple gauges. The two removable balls make it easier to replace them with different threaded accessories. A circular barbell also comes in different shapes. This type of barbell is ideal for eyebrow piercings, as it can be used for multiple piercings.

Although this type of labret piercing is considered safe, it does pose several health risks. In some cases, jewelry will embed into the skin, which can require an invasive medical procedure. As a result, it is important to keep piercing jewelry clean and dry during the healing process. Piercing can be a source of discomfort and pain for some people.

Internally threaded jewelry, on the other hand, has a screw pattern on the external end. The threads will screw on the corresponding barbell shaft. Internally threaded jewelry is safer for the skin because it does not scrape or damage the tissue. If you are considering getting piercing jewelry, make sure to check with your local doctor before choosing a type.

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