What is a pinch valve? Get to know about its types and advantages!

Today you can see different kinds of valves being manufactured across the globe. In the past, there were only proportional valve manufacturers because they were quite commonly used but today time has changed and today you can see the use of pinch valves in multiple industries. As the use of pinch valves is increasing so is the number of pinch valve manufacturers. In this post, we are going to give general information about the pinch valves, their working types, and some common benefits. You would also find some common applications of these valves in this post.

First, you should know that a pinch valve is actually a valve with a flexible tube in a flex shape body. The tube is designed in such a way by the pneumatic pinch valve manufacturers that it can be pushed because of the fluid pressure in order to create an accurate flow path. The flow in the pinch valve is always straight and so you don’t have to worry about the crevices or the moving parts. Moreover, you must know that the body of the pinch valves is quite strong which makes it capable of sealing trapped solids inside the tube. Being flexible and soft makes these valves ideal for multiple purposes including handling foodstuff, beverages, slurries, and even medicines. 

Types of Pinch valves

Now if it is your first time getting a pinch valve then you should know that there are basically two main types of pinch valves that are different on the basis of their body construction.

  • Open pinch valves

First comes the mechanical valve which is one with the open metal body case. When you have to inspect the valve body visually during the operations then you have to use the open constriction pinch valves. There are many high-quality pneumatic pinch valves with simple designs which you can get from the top manufacturers.

  • Enclosed pinch valves

Pinch valve manufacturers also produce valves with enclosed bodies that have a protective case for the liners. These kinds of valves are used when you don’t need to open the valve during the operation like in the pharmaceutical industry.

Applications of the Pinch Valve

Some common industries which are commonly using the pinch pneumatic valve are mentioned below:

  • Cement industry
  • Plastic and Glass industry
  • Conveying industries 
  • Wastewater and sewage plants
  • Chemical and mining industries
  • Dosing and weighing systems
  • Fueling and commercial vehicle industry 
  • Bulk and soft handling

Basically, these valves are designed in such a way that they can control the opening and closing flow of abrasive, corrosive, or even granular mediums. If you want the best-designed pinch valves then you definitely need to get in touch with pinch valve manufacturers.

What are the advantages of a pinch valve?

The pinch valve manufacturers have created a very unique design that provides many benefits to the end-user. Some of the pros are:

  1. Low weight, simple and robust
  2. Minimum friction which makes the flow of media easy
  3. Straight flow path
  4. Quick opening and closing
  5. Extremely low maintenance and self-cleaning features

There are many more advantages that you can enjoy once you get your pinch valve!

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