What Can I Become with a Master’s in Public Administration?

A master’s in public administration is a sure way to getting employed in a government, private, or an NGO office. There are many lucrative jobs a graduate with a public administration degree can apply, which can range from auditing, IT, to accounting.  Here are ways you can become with a Master’s in public administration.

What Can I Become with a Master’s in Public Administration?

Master in Public administration degrees assists in laying the education foundation for senior positions in public, private, and non-profit sectors. When walking or driving through your town or city, you are likely to come across traffic lights, recreational parks, walking pavements, road construction, or landscaping. When at home, and with a turn of a button, you get access to water and electricity. Just know a lot is going on in the background to maintain these facilities and services. The public administrator is the one who performs all this work.

Why study Public Administration?

If your interest is to work for the state, federal, or local government, or you’re keen on helping the community, then public administration career will be a good choice. To advance to a higher position in this field, you will be required to pursue a related graduate degree like a Master’s in Public Administration. The beauty about technology is that you can enroll in a public administration degree online and study at your own pace as you continue with your work.

Studying Public Administration degree online, or attending physical classes introduces you to business aspects of overseeing government strategies and staff at all levels. After completing the degree, you will have a variety of managerial jobs to settle in. Here is a list of jobs you can apply for after graduating with a master’s in public administration.

1.City Manager

A city manager is a chief administrative officer who ensures the operations run smoothly and efficiently. Their duties entail supervising every project for the city where they are working. They are also responsible for managing city policies, maintaining the city budgets, and creating new public programs.

2.Tax Examiner

A tax Examiner’s job description includes;

•Evaluating filed tax returns.

•Carrying out audits on income tax returns to authenticate information.

•Informing taxpayers in case they have underpaid or overpaid their taxes.

•Assessing penalties for tax defaulters.

•Formulating reports of estimated present and future funding for government organizations.

An analyst’s main task is to assist public and private institutions in outlining their financial affairs. They prepare budget reviews and keep track of expenditures. They also advise organizations about details regarding their financial situations and how to manage their finances appropriately.

4.Public Administration Consultant

Their role is to ensure to furnish the government with strategic guidance for complying with the set budgets. To become a consultant, you need to be an expert in a particular area. If you aspire to work on technology issues, you should pursue fields such as; computer science or information technology. To work as a consultant in finance or auditing, you must have studied accounting or business administration.

5.Fundraising Manager

Their work is to find ways of raising money for charitable organizations or non-government organizations. These organizations usually depend on other people or sectors to fund them so they can meet their goals.

From the above information, it is evident that there are plenty of public and private jobs you can land on by pursuing a master’s in public administration. If you are not in a position to enroll in physical classes, especially in this era of COVID, you can opt for online lessons and see your dreams become a reality.

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