What are the very basic things you need to know about GP rating in the merchant Navy?

GP rating in merchant Navy very well stands for the general-purpose rating which will be the most important aspect of this particular field. GP rating candidates will be the ones who have perfectly finished the training in both deck and engine room tasks. All these kinds of ratings can be perfectly employed either in the deck department or the engine department depending on the needs and requirements of the company. Such people will be perfectly performing the task associated with the seamanship, cargo handling, maintenance work on the deck, maintenance of machinery and operations. This particular course is very much directly associated with ensuring the very high employability of the Indian seafarers in the world market without any kind of doubt.

The best part of this particular training is that it will be a six-month residential course approved by the DG shipping as per the government of India. GP rating syllabus will also be including the combined study of the deck and engineering subjects and will also help in providing people with a very high level of professionalism. Students who will be clear in this particular examination will be eligible for the ship jobs across the world.

The eligibility related technicalities are explained as:

  1. Educational qualifications: Minimum educational qualification will be to clear the SSC or 10th exam from any kind of recognised board. The aggregate percentage of the overall percentage must not be less than 40% and in the English subject, the minimum requirement is 40% either in the 10th or 12th exam.
  2. Age limit: Maximum age limit is 25 years at the commencement of the course
  3. Medical standards: Minimum height of the candidates must be 157 cm and the weight should be 48 kgs. The candidate should be physically fit force and should be the medical standards laid down by the director-general of shipping.
  4. Eyesight: Utilisation of the corrective lenses for the eyesight will be permitted but the maximum permissible limit will be 6/12. 6/9 in the main eye and 6/18 in another eye for the distant and colour blindness will not be permitted.

The mode of selection for the GP rating course has been explained as follows:

  1. GP rating course duration will be six months residential course.
  2. This particular course fee will be near about two lakh rupees which will be depending on the college in which the candidates get selected. The latest course fees of all the institutes will be easily made available on the BES official website
  3. In the training period, the ordinary semen will be getting 200-US$300 and after nine months of sea service as an ordinary shipman, they will be getting the watchkeeping certificate after which the people will be promoted to a good salary package.

This large number of sorts of appraisals can be impeccably utilized either in the deck division or the motor division relying upon the necessities and prerequisites of the organization.

Hence, the carrier after GP rating course is very much bright which is the main reason that people need to pursue it so that they will be able to enjoy a very bright and respectable position in their life without any kind of issues.

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