What Are Evergreen Webinars and How to Create Them?

Webinars are conducted on a variety of topics daily. These topics range from some that are currently relevant in time and some that are very specific in nature. For instance, an account may deliver his opinion on a certain taxation law during a webinar. Or, an entrepreneur of a start-up may devise a webinar to train employees on a marketing strategy.

The purpose of a webinar varies for different people and their requirements from a webinar. However, it is noteworthy that the content lifecycles with a universal character last longer. Such universal content-based webinars are called evergreen webinars. An evergreen webinar experience is beneficial in the sense that it allows one to reap benefits even when they are on a completely different path or on a break.

How to create an evergreen webinar?

1. One of the most difficult parts of doing anything new is getting started. Write a webinar script first. Once a final draft is in hand, it is basically show-time.

2. The next step is to host and record a live webinar. Then this recorded version can be spiced up with additional elements like videos. Once that is done, everything will be automated. The live chat box must always be in play to facilitate questions from the attendees. The live chat box is also recorded so that the questions asked can be used during the evergreen webinar as well. Automated webinars are hosted on a specific day, date, and time like any live event. Timeless, evergreen content is created hence as it is basically happening on autopilot. Whereas, in the case of on-demand webinars, the attendees can watch the content from anywhere at any time.

3. Once the webinar has been perfected and recorded, it can simply be uploaded on a virtual show platform and that is it! To make things easy, a platform like Dreamcast that allows for integration with sales, marketing, and analytics tools should be picked. It is all about getting a seamless data flow.

4. The next step is to give the webinar a title, and add CTAs or handouts to it.

5. When it is time to pick the schedule of the webinar, there is no major hassle since the evergreen webinar can be hosted as often as needed since it is a recording (in most cases). For instance, the evergreen webinar can be streamed every Monday and Friday at 5 PM, keeping in mind the time zones. This becomes convenient for users while registering for the webinar. They get to choose from options that work for them in terms of time.

6. To make the webinar feel like a live environment, one can join in and answer questions live. It is important to keep the webinar interactive and fun. Since this webinar is basically a virtual show, taking care of the audience’s interactive experience helps exponentially simplify work.

Benefits of evergreen webinars:

1. Evergreen webinars are great for a company’s SEO. Relevant keywords that customers frequently search for can be included in the webinar and later shared on the company’s website. This will drive traffic to the website and keep the topic fresh for a long time.

2. Evergreen webinars are also a great way to develop an expert’s position. The knowledge that is relevant always and answers to questions people have frequently can be shared.

3. The best virtual show platform for webinars facilitates automating the work. This is a great tool to expand reach to new audiences and also grow a business with less time and effort.

4. An evergreen webinar can also be a great source of passive income. Using the right and efficient webinar platform, access to the event can be sold conveniently. On-demand and automated webinars help generate a stable income with no additional action.

5. If one is creating an online course, an evergreen webinar is the best way to make it more appealing and promote it. Such content will prove useful in the future while creating more online courses. This is a good way to get the most out of a webinar and the best solution for content creators.

6. A well-crafted evergreen webinar with the right webinar software is a company or business’ best friend since it helps boost marketing and sales without having to create new content all the time. It is great to gain new potential clients as well as new customers.

What truly makes a webinar evergreen?

· To host evergreen webinars, the content must be universal in nature. The idea is to make sure that the content remains relevant for a long time so that customers do not feel like the content has become outdated or irrelevant. Good, interesting topics and the right resources must be used to achieve this purpose.

· The audience must be able to access the given content for a long period as compared to live webinars that provide access to content for a limited amount of time. An evergreen webinar should provide access at a later date as well. It is worth noting that a live webinar can be used as a basis to enhance an evergreen webinar. Other recordings and resources can also be incorporated into the evergreen webinar. This is a pre-recorded webinar format.

Most evergreen webinars are usually pre-recorded since automated and on-demand webinars use pre-recorded content. The topic and the content of the webinar define if it is evergreen or not.


The key to getting the most out of evergreen webinars is to create them regularly. This is especially useful while going through a creative block. Webinar recordings boost SEO and drive a lot of traffic to a company or business site over a while.

The best thing about webinars is that they are inexpensive. It is a great, powerful, and passive tool to boost sales and conversion and gain new customers and expand reach. When people’s queries are answered satisfactorily, an expert’s position is developed. Now is the time to add evergreen webinars to the portfolio and get started!

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