What Are Baba Ijebu Results And Golden Chance Lotto Results

Men cannot exist without amusement. It’s something he does in his leisure moments to pass the time. Entertainment can be passive, such as watching a movie or going to the opera, or active, such as recreation or sports. Are you looking for 2022 new games like the Baba Ijebu result? These lottery games are growing increasingly popular. The games are generally exciting and full of tension. Winners take their prizes home, while losers go home disappointed but hopeful that they may win someday.

The excellent news is that several winners have collected their winnings in Nigeria, implying that the corporation would not default upon winning. With such a triumph, a person feels extremely lucky.

What Are Baba Ijebu Results?

Baba Ijebu is a form of lottery in which numbers are drawn at random and the people who have the fortunate numbers earn a prize. In Nigeria, Baba Ijebu is supported by the government and licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board.

Premier lotto is another name for Baba Ijebu. The brand was founded in 2001 and has since become a favorite among many Nigerians. As a result, it is Nigeria’s largest lottery platform.

Every week, there are live drawings as well.

Different Types Of Games In Baba Ijebu:

 There are 23 games available in Baba Ijebu. 

The names of the various games vary. Club Master, Lucky G, MARK II, Royal, Super, Diamond, Fairchance, O6, Peoples, Fortune, Lucky, Bingo, Bonanza, Enugu, Metro, Midweek, MSP, Gold, Tota, International, Jackpot, Premier King, VAG, National, and other brands are available. National, on the other hand, is the most popular and is played every Saturday. People play the lottery at lotto stores all around the country. The most money ever paid to a contestant is now 120 million nairas.

How to Play  Baba Ijebu Lottery

There are a few things you need to know before playing Baba Ijebu Lottery like a pro. Furthermore, there is a tiny possibility that anyone can win the jackpot, with the key term being slight.

what do you prefer It is determined by the sort of game. Here are some games that are currently available:

Two(2) Sure

If you desire large earnings with lesser risks, 2sure is the way to go (also known as NAP 2). You must choose only two integers between 1 and 90. There are several options available once you’ve decided on a number. This is one of the most popular games among users. If the numbers you chose were among the winning numbers, you would be rewarded a multiple of 240 times your stakes. That is, if you staked N1,000, you would be rewarded N240,000. If just one of your numbers is a winner, you will get no compensation. The two numbers you choose must be correct for you to win.

3 Direct

NAP3 is another name for 3Direct. If you choose to take greater risks, 3Direct is an option. When it comes to lotteries, it is commonly stated that the larger the risk, the greater the chance of winning big. In 3Direct, you choose three numbers from 1 to 90.

If all of your numbers are accurate, the money you bet will be multiplied by an odd of 2100. An N1,000 bet may net you almost N2,100,000. For 2sure, if all three digits are incorrect, it is a loss.


NAP4 resembles 2 Sure and 3 Direct. This option, on the other hand, allows you to choose four numbers. It also has an x6000 multiplier. When an N1,000 investment is won, the yield is N6,000,000. Yes, the benefits rise in proportion to the dangers; there is a clear correlation. For you to win, all of your numbers must be accurate.


NAP5 is known as the “Baba of them all” by certain users. This option requires you to enter 5 digits and has a multiplier of X44000. If all of your numbers are accurate, you will receive N44,000,000 for an N1,000 bet. People tend to avoid this choice due to the considerable danger involved.

  • The most popular Baba Ijebu alternatives are 2Sure (NAP2), 3Direct (NAP3), NAP4, and NAP5. The majority of consumers who visit the lottery firm like to play the 2Sure (NAP2).

Golden Chance Lotto Result is one of the most popular games in Baba Ijebu. Its playing style is noticeably different from that of Baba Ijebu.

Check Baba Ijebu Results on Airtel, Glo, and MTN

  • Airtel SMS your premier card PIN to 32240.
  •  Glo sends your Premier Card PIN to 32240 Mtn. 
  • Send your PremierCard PIN to 07030000280.

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