Wear your Fruit of the Loom 3931 T-shirts with style

Most people have at least two basic t-shirts tucked somewhere in the back of their closets. No matter where your day takes you, your trusty T-shirt will have you covered, whether it be when you are at the gym, running errands, or sleeping. Unfortunately, basic tees are often derided as boring or sloppy by fashion lovers but that is not the case, their versatility, durability, and comfort make them an excellent choice for a multitude of pieces. Cotton shirts have no rules except knowing what occasion you’re wearing them for. It is possible to add countless styles and modifications to basic tees to create an array of beautiful looks that are anything but monotonous.

Here is how you can style your basic fruit of the loom 3931 tee.

Shoes Make a Statement

Wearing the right shoes, even if they are far away from your shirt, can instantly dress up your basic tee and keep your look from looking sloppy. A good pair of shoes can add a touch of class to your ensemble. You should always opt for some basic white or black sneakers since they balance out the casual vibe of your T-shirt and add an instant streamlined touch to your look It is also possible to keep your formal look by pairing your basics with a pair of classy dress shoes. 

Make It More Professional

Contrary to popular belief, you may wear a plain t-shirt to occasions that need a bit more formality, such as a business trip or meeting. Choose a neutral tee in navy, white, or black to lend refinement to a plain T-shirt. This ensemble, when paired with a blazer, delivers the perfect business casual appearance without sacrificing elegance or comfort. Layering with a blazer works best in neutral colors like black, grey, or white.

An array of colored tee shirts

Colored t-shirts are an excellent way to make a statement with your appearance. Featuring a colorful range, Fruit of the Loom tees pair well with a wide range of clothes. Color determines whether you should wear that t-shirt for a formal or casual occasion. A cool toned shirt is an ideal item to wear on a hot summer day to do your weekly grocery shopping or even for a casual weekend. For a more formal or professional setting, a monochromatic t-shirt in black, white, or other similar shades would be a logical choice while also being a great choice for layering with other colorful clothing.

Adding layers

Any outfit can benefit from the addition of a basic tee that blends both comfort and style. A dark-colored tee underneath a casual jacket is an effortless way to create a casual, elegant look that feels comfortable and keeps you looking stylish while out and about on the weekend.

Choosing the right pants

The basic t-shirt is a fairly adaptable piece of apparel that may be worn with a variety of pant options:


Shorts and a simple shirt are summer wardrobe must. The combination keeps any individual cool and comfortable while also radiating effortless elegance. Because a t-shirt is more informal than a polo shirt or a button-down, avoid tucking in your t-shirt. 


Jeans are a terrific go-to for uncertain whether that comes with the changing seasons. You can either tuck your t-shirt into your jeans if you’re layering a sweater or leave it untucked for most ensembles. Pair with a belt for an added sense of flair and a business casual appearance 


Chinos are another wonderful choice for wearing with a simple shirt. Chinos have a traditional, more formal appearance, so pairing them with a t-shirt gives you a more relaxed look that is still clean and tidy. Keep the t-shirt free and relaxed on your hips rather than tucking it in.

You can be comfortable and on-trend at the same time with a basic tee. Don’t worry that a T-shirt is going to look boring or sloppy. With the right combination of pieces, a basic tee looks anything but basic. Experiment with a range of different pieces and accessories to enjoy the comfortable versatility of basic tees as part of a variety of trendy looks.

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