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Everyone wants a simple tool for editing PDF documents, modifying or repositioning PDF contents. It is not always simple to choose the best all-in-one tool, therefore here is an article that will assist you in choosing a preferred free PDF editor that will not require your undivided attention to do even the most complicated tasks.

That’s why we’ve chosen the finest free PDF editor to provide you everything you need. This Tool is known as UPDF!

When looking for the finest free PDF editing software, you may become overwhelmed by the numerous results. If it describes your scenario, you’ve come to the correct spot.

We tried a number of PDF editors before recommending UPDF to you and let’s learn the main features of UPDF to see how it can help you improve your work productivity. (At the end of this article, we also offer a UPDF giveaway, and you can get a 3-month free license of UPDF.)

1. Editing the Content of PDF Documents

UPDF is a simple piece of software that allows users to conduct a variety of tasks on the content in their PDF documents, such as editing, cropping, annotating, converting, encrypting, and managing PDF pages, etc.

You may add new content and modify the existing content of PDF documents with UPDF, which enables you to revise, add, remove, restructure, copy, and paste the texts in PDFs. Instead of utilizing the default configuration, you may pick a specific font for uniformity across all PDF documents. You can also modify the colour size, style, form, orientation, and formatting of a text to your liking.

You can also edit the images in your PDF documents. It is easy for you to rotate the image, crop the image, extract, replace, insert, and remove the image.

Some individuals prefer Adobe Acrobat for editing PDF documents, but it is prohibitively pricey. Why not use a free tool to assist you?

2. Markup PDF Documents with Multiple Tools

You may also annotate and add comments to your PDF files, as well as signatures, to make them valid. UPDF allows users to add text boxes, text markups (highlight, underline, strikeout, squirrely line), text callouts, stamps, stickers, shapes (squares, lines, arrows, and circles) to ambiguous areas of the content, which is an unusual and nice function in a PDF editor.

UPDF allows users to open and view PDF documents in different tabs. This is really helpful when you have multiple tasks to do. To give users a better reading experience, UPDF allows users to create and manage bookmarks for quicker navigation. If someone is going to make a presentation using a PDF document, UPDF also has the feature to display a PDF as a Slideshow.

3. Convert PDF Documents into Many Other Formats

It is important for us to convert PDF documents to other file formats for different purposes. UPDF is the best PDF converter for you to convert your PDF documents, as it offers the best conversion results and you can get the output format with the same layout as the original.

UPDF supports many output formats, including Word, Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, Text, RTF, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, HTML, and XML. You can select whichever format suits your requirement.

The best part about UPDF is that it includes an OCR feature to help you convert scanned PDF documents into searchable and editable formats. It supports over 15 languages for OCR and it will be more accurate if you choose the right language when performing OCR conversion.

4. Arrange and Manage the Pages in PDF

Have you ever wanted to organize your PDF files? Well, here is the solution! With only one click in UPDF, you may rearrange, reorder, extract, split, replace, insert, or delete PDF pages. Modifying and organizing PDF files has never been easier. UPDF makes it simple to alter the pages of your PDF documents. It is beneficial for anyone who needs to make changes to existing PDFs quickly and easily.

UPDF Giveaway: Get 3-Month Free UPDF License for Free

UPDF now is launching a giveaway campaign. As long as you share this post on any of the social media with the tag #UPDFgiveaway, and send the screenshot of your post to marketing@superace.com, you will be rewarded a 3-month license for UPDF pro version for free.

This giveaway campaign is time limited from August 15th to August 30th, and you can master this chance.


You’ll love this tool because it’s so easy to use and it can save you a lot of time. With UPDF, you can do more than just one task for your PDF documents. You can edit, annotate, convert, protect, manage, and print your PDF documents easily.

These were some of the basic features of the UPDF that we mentioned; in the meantime, UPDF will add more additional features such as OCR (the ability to recognize text in scanned documents), creating and filling PDF forms, redacting PDF to protect confidential information, and so on.

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