Understanding the Scope after Doing Diploma in Nautical Science

There are different professions and each of them demands skills and capabilities.  You know the ability of a sailor’s to navigate a ship on the wide oceans for  going to port to port and along with the coastlines of the entire world is grounded on his/ her skills and knowledge of Nautical Science. 

Well, if you are wondering what is it, it is the exact study of the principles as well as practices of operating diverse types and sizes of vessels. It might also interest you that some of these are even highly specialized and state-of-the art in internal waters, coastal areas and even on the massive high seas. It can also encompass topics like navigation, ship stability and even ship handling, cargo-work, proper thrust, and meteorology and more. And if you are wondering about diploma nautical science job opportunities, there are immense if you are skilled and have knowledge.

The details of course or diploma  

Well, once you study in nautical science , it can create manifold opportunities for jobs as a marine engineer or even navigation officer. Some of the massive Opportunities encompass becoming a deck or even navigation officer. 

Once you are in this field, you can go for a three-year B.Sc. Nautical Science or even Maritime Science course that is approved by the Director- General of Shipping (DGS). However, to turn out to be a marine engineer, you should definitely take admission to a college that is approved by the Director- General of Shipping (DGS). A right course or diploma is going to be a right path for you in this career path.

Remember that intellectually brilliant students who have actually cleared plus-two level with Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English are clearly eligible to study these courses. Expertise in English as well as communication skills are believed to be an added perk. Of course, you can be sure that you have the perk over others who might not have the expertise at English.

Moreover, one can also choose to get into the field of Merchant Navy directly. Aspirants who have actually passed plus-two along with Physics, Chemistry and even Mathematics have the suitability to get hired or recruited even as deck cadets. Young graduates having a mechanical or electrical engineering degree can even join as engine cadets after undertaking a basic sort of pre-sea training. The point is there are different diplomas and courses  that can take you into different directions in the realm of marine profession.

Eligibility for Diploma in Nautical Science

Diploma in Nautical Science is a simple course to construct students into professionals who might proficiently engage in the Merchant Navy ships. Students who are excited to take admission into DNS (Diploma in Nautical Science) Programme should definitely equip themselves with particular type of eligibility qualifications and some essential skills. So, to get admitted to the reputed colleges or even universities and study nautical science diploma courses, you ,might also need to take popular entrance exams. 

Well-known Entrance Exams for DNS Course

Only a few colleges/universities in India considered class 12th marks to simply offer entry to study Diploma in Nautical Science programme. However, most of the other renowned or reputed colleges or universities offer admission to the program via the valid rank or even score made in the entrance exam. So, the students must take national or college level entrance exams if they want to get selected in the top institutes and then get themselves of better career opportunities.  

Quick peep into Medical Fitness needs for Merchant Navy Courses 

  • Students interested in pursuing the DNS course is going to have to fulfil the medical fitness requirements.
  • Then the hearing and eyesight of the participants should be normal.
  • Students should definitely have a typical vision (6/6) in each of their eye separately.

Once you fulfil these eligibility criteria’s, only then you can get into this line.

Jobs for you 

A diploma in nautical science is simply a skill-based course that generates competent candidates in India and worldwide to perform duties efficiently. Consequently, it aids the participants get desirable jobs in the marine sector. So as to construct the required competencies in the students, the course offers several dynamic & static academic knowledge and even hands-on experiences. The goal of introducing the DNS course is to simply accomplish or fulfil the demand of marine professionals on merchant navy ships.

The marine professionals are needed to safely navigate and even operate the marine vessels and ships that take heavy consignment and onboard customers in diverse types of countries. The course even going to equips the students with numerous skills and practical experience to stand out in this ferociously competitive world. This course opens diverse types of career avenues, including port operations companies, Educational Institutes, Indian Naval Sciences, Weather Forecasting Centers, to name a few. Once you are going to finish Diploma in Nautical Science course, you can go to both the private and even govt. Organizations and land into wonderful job profiles. You can get a job role like:

  • Junior Navigation Analyst
  • Ship Captain
  • Marine Engineer
  • Navigation Officer
  • Apprentice
  • Shipment Officer
  • Port Operations Manager
  • Teacher/Lecturer
  • Port Operations officer
  • Radio Officer
  • 2nd Mates Officer

Several other prosperous job profiles you can come across if you are a qualified student, encompassing Ship Captain,  Onshore Marine Coordinator, Trainee Marine Engineer, Sales Engineer, Structural Engineer, Dock Designer, Marine Equipment Designer, and more. Of course, the job role you get is going to be on the basis of your qualification and skills. Once you have the acquired needed knowledge, you can get a job of your choice too.

Higher studies 

Once you graduated with Diploma in Nautical Science, you can also go for higher studies. Manifold options are there for interested students to pursue higher studies, encompassing Bachelor of Science in Nautical Science, even master of science in nautical science and different other marine engineering courses to widen up career prospects.

Conclusion To sum up, you can check out colleges for diploma in nautical science and enrol yourself in one that you feel is great for you.

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