Top Tips for Collaborating on PDF Documents

An essential part of document management is giving you and your collaborators the tools and processes you need to work together on a single document. A key feature of the PDF format is that many different users can view it at the same time to add things during the editing process. You can use the PDF individually or together in a unit. You can add notes, and annotations, leave comments, or suggest changes, such as you could with real-life, paper documents, but in a more collaborative, open space and without wasting reams of paper. If you want to use a PDF tool to make collaborating easier, there are many available but this article will take you through the steps you need to make collaborating fun and easy.

The Benefits of Collaborating with PDF Documents

The main benefit of collaborating with PDFs is that you can do it almost anywhere and it is easier than doing it in person. A PDF document can be sent anywhere and viewed by anyone. But even if you have a PDF viewing tool, you cannot always make changes to the file, since viewing tools do not have editing features or suites to make changes to your document.

If you do have a dedicated PDF editing tool, you can suggest changes to the file rather than rewriting everything to your particular tastes or preferences. You can do things such as leave comments or annotations for others to see. You can also recommend changes to the particular author or creator so they can see your input and decide whether to accept your changes.

They can also suggest further changes after seeing your recommendations and you can go on like this until you reach an agreement on what needs to be changed and what can be kept. This kind of collaboration is only possible with an online PDF tool that enables users to improve document workflow processes by making it easier for people to talk to each other about a particular document, rather than creating and editing in isolation.

The Top Tools for PDF Collaboration

If you are looking for a tool or platform that can help document management and document workflow, PDF editing tools are among the best. You can download a program to your desktop or laptop and share it with everyone else to have the same software on every device, or you can also use a third-party online PDF editing tool that also has cross-compatibility across multiple operating systems and devices. Lumin PDF is one such tool, as you can use it with Windows or Mac or download it to your Android or iOS device so you can work with your PDF files from anywhere.

Lumin is also a great PDF collaboration tool, as you can open and review all your important PDF files with one program, and sync it up with a cloud-based platform to ensure all your changes are saved automatically. Lumin works with almost every important file-sharing platform such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and others so you do not have to worry about changing your main cloud-based provider.

These programs are also useful when you want to share PDFs. Sharing PDFs is another way you can improve collaboration among users since it allows everyone access to the file, regardless of their location or what program they are using. If you download a program such as Lumin, you can easily tag someone and give them direct access to the file, where they can then add comments, and make annotations by highlighting or underlining important text or writing in new text completely.

How to Use Online PDF Editing Tools to Improve PDF Collaboration

If you want to improve your PDF collaboration, then you can use an online PDF editing tool to perform any number of functions. The great thing about using Lumin PDF to improve your document management and document workflow is that it can also work offline, so you can continue to work on and edit your files even when you are not connected to the internet.

Lumin can also help you merge PDFs, split or combine PDFs if that’s what you need since it is a full-service PDF tool. But Lumin users can also collaborate much easier since the program is based around editing features such as annotating, and leaving comments for others to see. But Lumin users can also collaborate in real time.

They can sync their cloud-based drive to the program, so anyone can open it, from anywhere, and make changes that are viewed instantly by another user. If you invite someone to edit the PDF you are working on, it is as if you were working on the document in the same room, which is one way that Lumin stands out from other online PDF editing tools.

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