Top Medical Software Companies

Surgical Information Systems, PaxeraHealth, SoftClinic, and Allscripts are just a few of the top medical software companies. You might be wondering who they are and how they can help your practice. The answer to that question depends on your particular needs, but the following companies offer a wide range of solutions for health-related businesses. Here are some examples of what they can do for you. Read on to discover more.

Surgical Information Systems

Surgical Information Systems (SIS) provides health software solutions for the preoperative, perioperative, and postoperative process in healthcare facilities. Their products address critical challenges in surgery departments. They are recognized by KLAS as one of the top medical software vendors for surgery management. Additionally, their software solutions are architected to integrate with other hospital systems. With a total employee count of over 2900, SIS offers benefits for physicians and other healthcare professionals.

This integrated system enables surgeons to view and manage patients, appointments, and more. It offers real-time insights into clinical workflow and efficiency, while also keeping pace with changing industry trends and new technologies. It can automate pre-op patient communications and provide real-time analytics. Modern cloud technology is a great choice for surgical practices. You can use it on any device, including mobile devices. With the latest cloud-based technology, Surgical Information Systems can easily adapt to your workflow and needs.

With rapid AI, practices can manage and analyze data about their patients. The new RapidWorkflow for PE web-based and mobile app helps align hospital teams treating suspected pulmonary embolisms. They also developed RapidforPrehospital, which helps hospitals collaborate with EMS teams. In addition, they developed a standardized stroke protocol. These are just a few of the innovative software solutions that Surgical Information Systems has to offer.

AdvancedMD is among the leading cloud medical office software solutions. The company’s software suites integrate electronic health records, practice management, patient relationship management, and billing systems into a unified, cloud-based platform. These products are fully integrated, allowing a practice to scale up and manage more patients. The company also offers a flexible outsourced billing model for its users. Its products are built by medical professionals to be easy to use and maintain, while providing a secure and seamless environment for patients.

Surgical Information Systems is a comprehensive enterprise medical software solution that handles the complex data and service needs of large-scale practices and hospitals. Its software manages patient information for hundreds of thousands of patients, as well as employees’ records and billing. They help doctors make informed decisions based on the data collected from their practices. In addition to providing enterprise software solutions, SAS also provides consulting services and other products for medical practices and hospitals.


A comprehensive information system reduces the risk of errors while facilitating better clinical care and greater patient adherence. Allscripts software can be used across the globe and is available on mobile devices, such as tablets. Its web-based mobile apps are compatible with Android and iOS devices. The company offers more than 800,000 care guides and helps physicians make better decisions. With more than 85,000 healthcare organizations using Allscripts software, doctors and patients alike can benefit from its features.

The company offers a wide range of EHR solutions for different sizes of practices. Its TouchWorks EHR is designed for larger practices and can be adapted for smaller settings. Its Professional EHR is an ambulatory EHR solution that helps improve efficiencies and boost revenue. Allscripts’ Practice Fusion is a flexible, user-friendly EHR for independent practices. Its comprehensive EHR system helps independent practices become more efficient, save time, and focus on patient care. Allscripts TouchWorks EHR also features an analytics system that can help providers better understand their data and help improve patient care.

Allscripts reported $915m in revenues in FY20. Sixty percent of its revenues were derived from the software delivery portion of the business, while the rest was based on client services. Of these, $1.22 billion in revenues were recurring while $280m was non-recurring. As a middle-man service provider, Allscripts’ profits will depend on how well Allscripts performs for its clients. While Allscripts sells itself as a cost-efficient company, it may be punished if the new regulations come into effect in FY21.

While Allscripts may be a top medical software company, its competition does not have an easy road ahead of it. Epic Systems, Cerner, and Meditech are three major competitors. Listed on the NASDAQ, Allscripts has a market cap of $1.4 billion. Its Healthcare IT solutions are geared toward assisting healthcare providers in their efforts to better manage patient care, improve care coordination, and transition between different settings of care.


PaxeraHealth provides healthcare IT solutions for the imaging industry. The company offers a variety of medical imaging software solutions, including cardiac workstations, PACS/RIS modules, web viewing solutions, and cardiac workflow management systems. Founded in 2009, PaxeraHealth is headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts. Its products help improve patient care and boost financial efficiency, while also improving patient satisfaction. In fact, it is now the #1 medical software company in the Middle East/Africa region.

In addition to its cutting-edge healthcare software solutions, PaxeraHealth is also a developer of image management solutions. Its PaxexaUltima enterprise imaging platform offers image sharing, VNA management, universal viewer, and advanced imaging tools. It also offers an AI-based image analysis platform known as PaxeraUltima, which incorporates cutting-edge native AI algorithms. Its PaxeraUltima 8th Generation platform uses collaborative learning to inform algorithm development.

PaxeraHealth offers a comprehensive suite of medical office management and electronic health records software solutions for independent physicians. With this software, you can manage higher patient volumes, improve productivity, and boost financial outcomes. And with the advanced functionality, your patients can interact with your care in a more convenient and secure manner. With the help of advanced medical imaging software, you can improve patient care. You can now manage patient data in real time and electronically engage with healthcare.

Carbon Health was founded in 2015 by Tom Berry and Eren Bali. The company aims to develop a user-friendly system with minimal training. With its innovative solutions, the company has grown to 70 clinics in thirteen states. It also launched a workplace safety program. By integrating medical technologies, this software will make healthcare more efficient and safe. Its goal is to provide better patient care by improving workflows, enhancing productivity, and improving patient satisfaction.

Capsule is a modern way to get your prescriptions. The company has completely digitized the pharmacy experience with its sleek platform and powerful software. Customers can chat or text with their pharmacists and schedule free same-day delivery in New York City. It also helps keep the conversation with doctors. Its technology is perfect for the healthcare industry, with more than a million registered users. It is currently available in New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Denver-Boul Metro Area, Seattle, Houston, and Sacramento.


SoftClinic is a medical practice management solution that facilitates the paperless practices of hospitals, clinics, and physicians. More than 25,000 physicians use SoftClinic worldwide. With various modules and features, SoftClinic enables healthcare professionals to create and manage custom prescription profiles, record patient information, and manage a variety of patient records. It also offers security features and a patient portal.

Founded in 2006, SoftClinic is an industry-leading provider of medical software. Its software is designed to engage patients, increase patient satisfaction, reduce costs, and facilitate patient access and management. It also includes robust revenue cycle management services, analytics, and payment methods. It can also help you maintain compliance with regulatory bodies. SoftClinic has many other benefits to offer. To get a free demo of its software, contact us today!

SoftClinic is the global leader in healthcare software, with more than 18,000 physicians using its solutions. It also boasts 4 million registered patients in 35 countries, with most of its patients hailing from India, Africa, and the Middle East. The software is used by hospitals and healthcare centers around the world, and its success is attributed to its ease of use. Its customers have high standards of care and customer satisfaction.

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If you’re looking for a medical practice management solution that is customized to meet your specific business requirements, it is vital to look at the various features and functionalities offered by each system. The software should address the needs of specific users and organizational size, so that you can get the most out of it. SoftClinic has been around for many years, and its experts have done extensive research to produce a comprehensive software solution.

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