Top 9 instructions to follow while creating a Wikipedia page

Creating a Wikipedia page is not a piece of cake as it requires a lot of smart work and diligent efforts to counter the issues that occur during the whole process. However, not everyone is capable of countering all the issues and creating an article good enough to get published on Wikipedia.

So professional Wikipedia page creator proposed a few instructions to ease the overall process for the newbies. If one follows these instructions then he will definitely get a successful Wikipedia page as a result of his efforts.

Instruction 1: Register with an autonomous username

It is suggested that while creating a Wikipedia page do not use any company’s name or any of your client’s names because it will look like you are doing paid promotion of anyone by using Wikipedia’s platform. Instead, you can create your own pseudo name in case you don’t like to create an account using your own name. In case you don’t follow and still create an account using your company’s name then your account will be blocked until or unless you change your user’s name.  to avoid this inconvenience, it is vital to use your name or your nickname for page creation.

Instruction 2: Keep the notability guideline in your mind.

You should keep in mind that not everyone can create a Wikipedia page, as Wikipedia has some rules and notability guides that must be followed. First of all, Wikipedia authorities have clearly mentioned in the guides that it is not a marketing platform, not a business directory but it is an encyclopedia that is accessible to everyone across the globe and can only be used for references and research purposes. They have clearly stated their policy and mentioned that Wikipedia is for the welfare of those who want to learn and grow so do not try to use it for the marketing purpose of your company, if you do so they will block your page.

Instruction 3: State your conflict of interest.

It will be good if you stay clear and clearly state your intentions about who you are and for whom you work. For this purpose, you can clearly define your goals on your introduction page and must provide your professional background and the reason to become a Wikipedia contributor like what you want to do and why are you here and making contributions voluntarily. In short, be transparent about your goals do not hide anything from the Wikipedia authorities, and let everyone know you are not doing anything illegal.

Instruction 4: Create a rough draft first.

No matter if you are creating content for Wikipedia and for any other platform it is required to create your initial draft at first. Brainstorm and gather your ideas at a place before proceeding to the final round which is proper article creation. For Wikipedia, you can post your rough draft to the Wikipedia talk pages and allow other volunteer editors and creators to suggest improvements to your article. However, some say that it is an illegal practice and might make the creator lethargic as he will be frequently depending on others for further editing.

Instruction 5: Gather a lot of resources

You should keep in your mind that the resources you used for the references and citations must be legal and the best-published ones. IF you think adding your company’s site that simply states your company goals and your past work is a good resource for citation then you are living in a myth. No matter how legit and notable your company is, Wikipedia does not see company sites as authentic sources. You need to understand this scenario that you cannot vouch for yourself.

Instruction 6: Neutralize your conflict of interest.

In case you are making further edits to someone’s already published article then make sure your points do not provide the essence of getting biased. Stay neutral and support fair content so the person, whose content you are editing would not deem you unfair and challenge your editing skills.

Final words

You might have already heard that creating a Wikipedia page is not an easy task but you should keep in mind that it can become easy for you if you follow the above-mentioned instructions properly. As you know that not everyone is capable of countering all the issues and creating an article good enough to get published on Wikipedia so he needs to pay more attention while creating a Wikipedia page and must visit Wikipedia’s official site to get clear and proper instructions on each and everything.

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