Top 7 Plastic Surgery Myths: Is it worth it?

While there’s no denying that the wonders plastic surgery has been making in the world are truly phenomenal. After all, changing your physique to the extent that you become a goddess of beauty is surreal, right? However, they’re always a few misconceptions attached to something that’s got all the limelight. Likewise, many unbelievable myths surround the world of plastic surgery.

Among all these misconceptions, we often forget the availability of the best plastic surgeons in Dubai and worldwide. That said, delving into a cosmetic treatment is no longer a hassle. Let’s evaluate all the fantasies below, which make no sense.

Myth # 1- Plastic and Cosmetic surgery are the same 

The word “cosmetic” is often intertwined with plastic surgery since there’s a great deal of overlap. However, cosmetic treatments usually don’t require surgical methods. On the contrary, plastic surgery is a sort of operation requiring needles and stitches. While it’s normal for patients to confuse the terms, we must address the terminology before the misconception spreads any further. 

Myth # 2- Plastic Surgery isn’t backed up by Insurance

It’s a misconception that’s an extension of the previous one. Yet before delving into the details, you must understand the medical insurance concept. While some plastic surgeries are insured to some extent, the additional treatments might cost you extra pennies. 

For instance, if you opt for rhinoplasty solely to improve your appearance, it won’t be covered by Insurance as cosmetic surgery. On the contrary, if you get the same treatment for widening your airways or straightening tissues, you might be eligible to apply for medical Insurance.

Myth # 3- Plastic Surgery is permanent and scar-free

Almost everyone knows that any incision has the potential to create a scar. While it’s not possible, if plastic surgeons have a notable reputation for scar-free procedures, it’s likely due to their years of experience with cosmetics. With time, they get better at blending and hiding scars.

However, it’s not usually scar-free, and the surgical area won’t get flawless afterwards. You might witness a permanent scar for the rest of your life, restricting your dressing sense. Spreading such false misconceptions is nothing but immoral and highly unethical.

Myth # 4- Reconstructive surgery fixes everything

Reconstructive surgery aims to restore the patient’s regular body functions. However, you can’t instantly get all healed up in days. It’s because rehabilitation usually requires a cycle of physical therapy and work out for the overall success of the procedure. After getting done with any plastic surgical treatment, you must honestly adhere to wound care to speed up the healing time and minimize scarring. As the surgical process is equally important, so is the follow-up. 

Myth # 5- Plastic Surgery is only for women

It’s another misconception that plastic surgeries only suit women, and most patients for such treatments are females. While ladies get more attracted to ways of enhancing their appearance, we can’t judge the gender requirements this way. Men are equally prone to the procedure and opt for it in need. In addition, we must get over the gender conflicts ASAP, or it’ll create aggravating circumstances for upcoming generations.

Myth # 6- Plastic Surgery is only for the wealthy

Contrary to popular belief, plastic surgeries aren’t only limited to the elite class. Presently, many affordable alternatives have been introduced so that every candidate can give it a chance. Yet, it’s imperative to discuss your medical and financial concerns with your surgeon before making a decision. After all, you must acknowledge the risks and benefits before making such a valuable investment. 

Myth # 7- Plastic Surgery contains no risks

Last but not least, any procedure that’s been done surgically is life-threatening. Regardless of how safer the approach has been, even a slight mishap can cost your life. However, the entire myth is baseless since any plastic surgery has the likelihood of post-infections, swelling, and internal injuries. Patients with a former medical history are more exposed to such risks than healthier ones.

Ending Thoughts

Regardless if you’re getting breast augmentation surgery in Dubai or elsewhere, it’s easier to decide since we’ve listed all the pointless myths above. Remember that any medical procedure is risky, yet a competent surgeon is all you need to pull this off. While you can’t predict the future and outcomes of the treatment, at least you’ll get some reassurance with a professional surgeon by your side.

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