Top 7 Destinations Must Visit in Golden Triangle Tour

Golden Triangle Tour

Three famous destinations in India – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, mostly known as the Golden Triangle of India, we explore the icons and secrets of this amazing region. Explore the history of grand forts, the opulence and grandeur of Rajasthani palaces, the hustle and bustle of bazaars and bazaars and heritage traditions. Travel through a country full of contrasts on this compact India tour packed with unforgettable sights. Here in this article, you read about all the top 7 destinations must visit in Golden Triangle Tour.

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Top 7 Destinations Must Visit in Golden Triangle

1. Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi

The tomb is located on a high pulpit, with 17 arched openings on both sides that give access to the burial chambers. There are several tombs in five octagonal rooms connected to Baghdadi. The main chamber is the tallest in the center and is covered by a double dome set on a drum. A favorite of Instagrammers, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site that marks the capital as the great love of the Mughals.

2. Lotus Temple, Delhi

The Lotus Temple in Delhi is one of the most beautiful sights in the city, especially if you look at the architecture. The temple looks like a lotus temple, a Bahai house of worship, and has sensational photos on Instagram. Also, it is a magnificent architectural wonder known for its unique lotus structure. The temple has won several awards and prizes for its architectural style, religious insight, and beauty. It is one of the most explorable monuments in the world. It is a non-denominational modern-style temple.

3. India Gate, Delhi

India Gate can be called Delhi’s triumphal arch and is a war memorial in the center of the Indian capital. It is surrounded by landscaped gardens and is also a lively picnic spot. Walking here in the evening is a good choice as you will also have the opportunity to spend time with the locals.

4. Taj Mahal, Agra

Well, this needs no introduction or description. India’s claim to the Seven Wonders of the World is a massive structure that will take your breath away. Trust me, don’t miss it. So, it is an architectural piece of exquisite elegance and exquisite craftsmanship. As a result, it is a dazzling monument in the city of Agra and is one of the amazing masterpieces of world heritage around the world.

5. Fathepur Sikri, Agra

While the Taj Mahal has the grandeur of all the attention in Agra, you can’t ignore the Fatehpur Sikri either. It sees less tourists and is, therefore, a great inspiration for a photographer. Very well designed, it is an impressive piece of architecture. As a result, it was founded in 1569 by Akbar, the great emperor of the Mughal dynasty. Also, bounded on three sides by walls and a lake, the city palace was designed by Tuhir Das using the principles of Indian art.

6. City Palace, Jaipur

When you hit Jaipur in your Golden Triangle itinerary, it is imperative that you also visit the City Palace. As a result, it is essential for those who love history and stories as it houses a very impressive collection of curiosities, photographers, paintings, and more from Jaipur’s golden age. What adds more appeal to the place is the fact that it once housed the royal family of Rajasthan.

7. Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

This is doubtless the most photographed of all the sites in Jaipur. Also, it is a very interesting structure carved out of red and pink sandstone and justifies the name Jaipur as the pink city. It is very close to the City Palace and both can be visited at the same time. Just like the rest of Rajasthan, it is worth taking a photo.

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