Top 6 types of SSL used by digital content creators

What is an SSL certificate?

            SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This certificate is digitally signed and provides protection to the websites. Websites having SSL certificates are saved from getting hacked, getting their data stolen and modifying any kind of information on the website. If a person hacks the website, he can know the user’s passwords, emails, usernames etc. which can lead the attackers to get their hands on info like the user’s credit card numbers, atm pins etc. that can leave a hard blow on the user’s financial and emotional condition.

Is it necessary to get an SSL certificate?

              If one wants for their website to be secure and safe for use, they need to get an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is the only digitally signed certificate that provides authentication for the website and protection of the website data as well. The more advanced certificate has the name TLS which stands for Transport Layer Security. Thus, for securing a website and providing users with a sense of safety, one must get an SSL website.

How many types of SSL certificates?

            SSL certificates are essential not just for formal business or e-commerce websites but for people who write blogs or handle their own personal websites. Personal or small-scale websites are mostly handled by digital content creators. SSL certificates are not just of one type there are different variations of it. The 6 types of SSL certificates are as below,

·       Extended Validation Certificate

·       Organization Validation Certificate

·       Domain Validated Certificate

·       Wildcard SSL certificate

·       Multi-Domain SSL certificate

·       Unified Communication Certificate

Wildcard SSL certificates:

Wildcard SSL certificates are the most popular among bloggers. They are the ones most commonly used by content creators and bloggers because of their options for subdomains. Wildcard SSL certificates provide the option for protecting an infinite number of subdomains. Moreover, the wildcard certificates are cheap so they suit almost everyone’s budget. There are some pages that provide cheap wildcard ssl with a wide variety of packages. One can get a PositiveSSL Wildcard, PremiumSSL Wildcard or EssentialSSL wildcard. All of them have different prices because they come with some different features but each of these variations is offered at a very reasonable price.

How to get an SSL certificate?

It’s quite easy to get an SSL certificate. One just needs to follow the following steps,

·       One needs to verify their websites information through ICANN Lookup

·       CSR (Certificate Signing Request) must be generated

·       The generated request needs to be submitted to CA (Certificate Authority) to validate the website’s domain

·       The certificate can be installed on one’s website

If one is getting their SSL certificates from a website, preferably offering them at cheaper rates, they just need to click the package they want for their website and provide their information and follow the easy steps mentioned on the website. They are the same as the ones mentioned above with just a few modifications.

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