Top 6 Luxury Home Exteriors to Draw Inspiration from your Calgary Custom Home

One of Calgary’s most expensive luxury homes stands on Pump Hill Close on the city’s southwest side. The mansion, owned by oil industry tycoon Alfred Balm, was revealed to cost around $19.7 million and has 91 rooms - features that make it one of the most impressive residences in Alberta. And if you are on the way to having custom luxury home builders start on your dream home, Balm’s luxury house is one inspiration you should not ignore. Its magnificence is the very definition of extravagance. And its exterior finish is something straight out of a luxury magazine. But of course, the options for your luxury home exterior are endless. And if you can narrow the choices down to six, choosing from the top designs that got two thumbs up from customs luxury home buildersis what you should do.

Glass Exterior If there is one thing that instantly screams class, elegance, and style, it is glass. Plus, it gives an air of mysteriousness and magic. So, it is no surprise how many modern luxury homes today have glass exteriors. And even though glasshouses may appear delicate, engineers found ways and new materials to make them as sturdy as the average stone house.

Concrete Brutalist Exterior The major aspect of brutalist architecture is exposed and unpainted concrete or bricks. While this style can be intimidating, it has a certain allure for individuals who enjoy monolithic architectural architecture. Despite its unappealing appearance, the brutalist exterior is unquestionably sturdy, durable, and useful.

Rustic Wood and Stone Exterior Many love the homey vibe that rustic designs exude. And if you are one of those who prefer this style, you can extend this part of your personality into your luxury home exterior. Set in stone and wood, the rustic exterior design characterizes natural textures and light - things that you can quickly draw from the Earth. And you can choose to make it casual or give it an upscale look with the modern elegant rustic design.

Wooden Exterior In contrast to the homey charm of rustic stone and wood design, premium timber exteriors can be modern and bold while remaining warm and welcome. Engineers employ clean-cut laminated wood of the highest quality to achieve a sleek, contemporary style with a pleasant feel that many families adore. Your exterior can last up to 50 years if properly maintained.

Ribbed Sandstone Exterior With its unique visual charm and warm ambiance, the ribbed sandstone exterior achieves a natural stone finish accentuating your modern luxury home. The ribbed surface also makes it easy to add planters if you want a green border for your home.

Spanish Mediterranean Exterior If you like specific architectural designs, the elegant Spanish Mediterranean style for your home's exterior will appeal to you. This style mostly employs stucco and stone to achieve the colonial-type look that is reminiscent of historic luxury residences.

Balm’s impressive manner is only one among the many luxurious houses in Calgary you can draw inspiration from for building your luxury custom home. And while your muses are many, the decision will always be up to you. So, find a design that fits everything you ever want in your residence and turn your dreams into a reality.

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