Top 6 Best GIF Apps for Android In 2022

Technology has evolved tremendously over the years. To think of the advancements, we can now do so much that we once could only imagine. Through the internet you can now connect to anyone at any time, making it a global village. And this communication has been transformed even more by digital messaging apps.  

Instead of plain old boring text only, we can be more expressive in messages using emojis and GIFs. GIFs allow you to be as expressive as possible because they are more than just a regular image. Some people might still prefer the traditional phone call method. Especially when they want to talk to their customer rep on the other side of the Cox customer support number. But there are also people who are solely comfortable with communicating through texts and graphics. Below are various apps through which you can create your very own GIFs if you’re one of the latter. 

GIF Editor, GIF Maker 

Being the most popular app on Play Store, GIF Editor allows you to explore a world of unlimited GIF possibilities. By combining images or cutting and cropping videos, you can create your very own unique GIFs. Furthermore, to make it even funnier, you can add emojis to it as well.  

This app has an incredible app menu, allowing you to choose from a variety of editing tools. These tools include color tuning, speed modifier, cool effects, drawing, and a lot more. Moreover, to unlock more features, you can purchase the pro version of this app. It adds features like professional effects and GIPHY stickers. However, the downside to this app is that it does not offer a GIF library. This means you won’t be able to search for your favorite stickers here.  


Giphy is one of the most popular GIF apps out there and still remains among the top picks. Through this app, you can share short-form content with anyone. Since this app has a library, you can even search for various GIFs. Moreover, you can even create your own GIFs using images, videos, texts, and even by capturing live content.  

In addition to using your own content to make GIFs, Giphy gives you the option of choosing a number of stickers and filters. Furthermore, it even gives you the option to trim the content into parts, add animations to the background, and even provide masks to make the end results better. Due to its huge database, you will always have content to share. This app is also available to use with social apps.  

GIF Maker- Video to GIF 

This app is for beginners as it offers a user-friendly interface. You can use this app to start your GIF experiments. Since it fetches data from Tenor, it offers a huge content library. Moreover, for a customized GIF, you can edit any downloaded image from the library.  

You can even take your creativity up a notch by adding texts to your GIFs to create memes. Additionally, you can add animated stickers or even create boomerangs. The best thing about this app is that it’s free and there’s no watermark restriction on it either. On top of that, it is very simple to use and allows previews before saving so that you can make changes if need be.  

GIF Creator 

This app not only offers GIF features but also gives you the option of editing photos as well. Unlike other apps, it gives you unique filters, photo editor, emoji background, sky editor, and photo mixer, all in one. Moreover, you can even draw custom designs and convert animated images to still images. With the additional features of photo frames and effects, this app distinguishes itself from the others. 

GIF Me! Camera 

Though this app is basically a picture editing app, it also gives you the option of creating GIFs. You can choose from a variety of color filters, effects, custom texts, and stickers to customize your GIFs. Moreover, it also supports time-lapse and stop-motion features. With an extensive feature set, this app is user-friendly and quick to use. However, this does not allow you to download high quality versions of your final result.  

EZ GIF Maker 

This easy-to-use app is free and allows you to edit and make animated content. It provides the ease of quick GIF conversion from photos and videos through a single tap. Furthermore, you can even convert your GIFs into MP4s and split them into separate pictures. Ex GIF offers a variety of editing effects and allows you to play your GIFs backwards using its editing menu. Moreover, it allows you to maintain the same quality when you convert images. 


If you have an Android phone, you can find various apps to make your own GIFs. GIFs let you express yourself over messages more than normal text can. All the GIFs apps are mostly easy to use and come with a lot of features.  

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