Top 10 Luxurious Bathroom Brands in UK 2022

Bathroom decorating is just as vital as decorating any other area in your house. It is considered a requirement to design a bathroom to represent an image of calm and comfort and generate a sense of pampered feeling anytime you enter it. There are numerous techniques to ensure a pleasant bathroom, but it all begins with monitoring and reassessing the changes in and around you. Today’s bathroom designs are brimming with high-end inspiration that focuses primarily on creating a great area where you may unwind and enjoy a sense of holiness, regardless of the reason.

Have you ever walked into a five-star hotel and felt like the restroom was nicer than your living room? Those designs may be expensive, yet a similar appearance can be created on a budget. At National Bathrooms, we have various brands to select from that can fit your budget and help you create the design you’ve always wanted. All of the items in our luxury bathroom collection have been carefully picked and are accompanied by photographs to assist you in developing an appropriate design concept.


But why have a Luxurious Bathroom in the first place?

Now one question arises. Why can’t we have a simple bathroom? What’s the need behind owning a luxurious one? The solution is straightforward. Self-care will only make your house healthier in today’s demanding working conditions and the world’s emergencies. Creating a master bathroom has never been more vital than now, but don’t expect to spend a fortune to have a one-of-a-kind area for yourself and your family. A well-designed bathroom improves your physical health and your mental health. A luxurious bathroom does not just refer to a minimalistic design or the installation of cutting-edge technology; it also refers to a one-of-a-kind feature that is difficult to find, even if it is inexpensive.

With some research, we have put together a list that contains 10 brands that provide the most luxurious bathroom products. They are speedy, provide high-quality products, and have modern bathroom designs that can pay off in the long run. Establishing a distinct design style is not difficult in today’s high-end world, but it is far from simple. As a result, we’ve made things simple for you by putting everything in one spot.

Heritage Bathroom:

Whether we like to admit it or not, the time we spend in our restrooms keeps us occupied for the rest of the day. Because most of us spend our most intimate moments in the bathroom, having a well-decorated bathroom space is essential for owning a modern home. Heritage Bathrooms is one such exquisite bathroom firm that has been designing sophisticated bathrooms in the United Kingdom for decades. Their high-quality items, created with high-quality craftsmanship, have made 1 million dreams come true.

Imperial Bathroom:

High-quality designs might appear profitable without involving too much in brand assurance. There are hefty maintenance fees in such circumstances where you need to repair an item now and then. Allow yourself the luxury of taking your time while designing your bathroom with imperial bathroom furniture. Handcrafted perfection in the finest British heritage awaits you at imperial bathrooms. The pieces are made with exceptional craftsmanship and passed down from generation to generation. The bathroom furniture and fixtures have been developed with cutting-edge technology and impeccable quality.

Duravit Bathroom:

Whether you have flawless tiles that match the furniture or furniture that adheres to the marbles, the aesthetics of your bathroom should represent a convenient design and style that is unrivaled in terms of grace and quality. Try the Duravit bathroom furniture, which can bring about constant variety. Duravit bathroom furniture gives a unique appearance in one location. If you like a new outlook on life every day, replenish your batteries with the latest technologies and furniture that can assist you in reinventing and unwinding.

Roca Bathroom:

Who knew that technology could create sensors to let you control air, water, and sunlight? Did you know that installing faucets and pipelines to help water travel through the pumping system isn’t always necessary? It’s all magic and exquisite technology that Roca bathroom furniture brings to your door. Roca has long been the global leader in high-quality, technologically innovative bathroom fittings and furniture. All of its items set the standard for what modern furniture can be.

Laufen Bathroom:

If your vision and viewpoint in terms of home design can accommodate a broader spectrum, see change and technology penetrating under your skin with Laufen bathroom furniture. Given that home isolation is no longer limited to a specific location or region, a bathroom created with Laufen bathroom furniture makes a significant difference. It adapts to new habits daily. Toilet seats are the most visible bathroom furniture that can help you manage human waste and house isolation.

Kudos Showers:

If your bath screens have worn out and are now generating a depressing look inside, we offer a choice of excellent bath screens to assist you in restoring the statics of your bathroom area at nationwide bathrooms. Kudo showers’ goods are of the greatest quality and are well-known throughout the UK. Choose one of Kudo’s showers today. The items are hand-built in factories with high-quality standards, and every item is inspected before delivery.

Burlington Bathroom:

Burlington bathroom accessories can meet all of your storage and lighting needs in one place. Whether it’s a white vanity, golden pipes, or brassware, everything is in one location to create the ideal classic bathroom scene with technologically modern products.

Jacuzzi Showers:

In the United Kingdom, the Jacuzzi Bath is one such addition to a bathroom that may rapidly overhaul the present state and help you maintain a specific standard for as long as you use it. Aside from the décor, the temperature of the water within the jacuzzi also aids in the healing and absorption of your body.

Silverdale Bathroom:

Try the Silverdale toilet seats in your bathrooms to help you with the design and live life in a modern manner. The Silverdale bathroom furniture gives you the luxurious walk-in space you seek. You may also complement it with other Silverdale bathroom accessories to create an all-in-one retreat at the end of the day.

Vado Bathroom:

We at Banyo offer a chosen collection of Vado bathroom taps that operate like magic while sticking to your existing bathroom design and providing a timeless feel at nationwide bathrooms. Chrome fixtures and fittings are available, as are simple yet modern designs. Vado’s high-quality taps, showers, and other bathroom accessories are a wise choice when it comes to branded bathroom furniture.


Banyo offers you high-quality bathroom accessories made by brands that are popular all over the United Kingdom and if you’re looking for something for your bathroom, visit Banyo. We promise you won’t regret it.

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