Tips to Use Cushions & Cushion Covers for Sprucing up Your Home Décor without Going Broke

Is your living room looking old, dull, and boring? Are you thinking of revamping it? Often freshening up the living space could mean an expensive and long-drawn affair. It is a wise move to invest in cozy cushions and cushion covers in vibrant colors and designs instead of spending a fortune to replace your old couch and other furniture items or re-carpet the space. According to Cosmopolitan, the COVID-19 global pandemic and ‘work from home’ have left many people bored with their living spaces, and they have started feeling as though their living rooms are less than fabulous. However, experts believe that loving your home again is possible, and you can do it without refinancing your house. 

A few simple tips and tricks can help make a room from dull and boring to a statement living space! Cushion covers in stemming designs and bold colors often rise to the occasion. They add a refreshing twist and infuse a touch of charm to your home décor. You must be looking for perfect ways to use cushions with attractive covers to seamlessly give your dull and boring living space an exotic makeover. Let us explore a few tips to set your living room right with cushions, and cushion covers.

Determine the Purpose

Identify the way you wish to use the cushions. Are you thinking of adding cozy cushions with attractive covers just for decoration purposes? Do you wish to invest in cushions to lay your head on soft cushions while resting or taking a power nap? Maybe you wish to sit and relax on them. Will your cushions serve multiple purposes? 

If you want to use your cushion with cushion cover for adding a punch to your living room décor, sleeping on it, using it for supporting your back, or even playing with your kids, it is best to choose durable, washable, and easy-to-maintain cushion covers. You may opt for linen cushion covers as they are perfect for daily use and best for incorporating something unique and special into a space. You may opt for expensive cushion covers if you want your cushions solely for decorative purposes.

Draw Inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest

It is a good idea to keep looking around you to draw inspiration. Often your home may serve as your best guide. You may choose cushion covers in accents and colors that match your wall colors, décor theme, soft furnishings, or furniture. Search for ideas on popular social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. These platforms are bursting with fabulous home décor inspiration. Go through glossy interior design magazines and use ideas practical for your living room.

Do Correct Placement & Use the Right Number

Place your cushions with eye-catching covers strategically in your living room to grab instant attention and for ultimate comfort. You may place different-sized cushions to create a heterogeneous look. You may use same sized cushion covers if you are looking for creating a uniform look. You may use cushions in odd numbers for giving your space a contemporary feel and appeal. You may group the cushions in pairs for creating a stunning visual impact that fascinates you. Go for your instincts as it is your home, and interior décor should be an expression of your personality and taste.


Never consider or treat cushions and cushion covers as insignificant home décor accessories. They have the potential to dramatically transforming the tone and style of your home. 

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