Tips to Prevent Algae Growth in Your Water Tank

We are living in Pakistan where we face frequent load shedding and blackouts. In such a situation, we can not just rely on quick tap water by switching on our water pump. Therefore, you have to store some water in water tanks to use for a day or more. Book our water tank cleaning services.

With water tanks, there come some problems we should watch out for. One of the most common ones is the growth of algae in the water tanks. It can contaminate your water and make it unsafe for use.

But the good news is water tank cleaning services have enlisted some most effective tips to prevent the growth of algae. You can follow these important tips and can get rid of algae that are making your water worse day by day.

Most Effective Tips to Prevent Algae Growth in Water Tank

If your water is contaminated with algae and you are looking for ways to get rid of it, do not worry. You have landed in the right place. In this article, you will come to know some most tested and tried tips by experts to prevent the growth of algae in your water tank.

Use of Chemicals

One of the effective methods to prevent algae growth is chemical treatment. In this method, you can use chemicals such as

  • Chlorine
  • Bleach

The use of chlorine is more common because it is cheap and easy. Chlorine does not allow algae or other germs to grow in your water tank, keeping it clean and hygienic. What you have to do is to add a very appropriate proportion of chlorine to your water tank. Experts suggest the following proportions of water and chlorine:

  • 1 gallon of stored water and ¼ spoon of chlorine
  • 4 parts chlorine per 1,000,000 parts water

Remember! be extra careful with the proportions of the chlorine and water. If you will add too much chlorine to the water, it will make water harmful to drink or irrigate. On the other hand, if you add a very low amount of it, it will not be able to prevent the growth of algae in your water tank.

Therefore, you should add a very appropriate and calculated amount of chlorine. If you do not know how to do it, do not worry. Book water tank cleaning for proper guidelines and recommendations.

Choose the Right Tank

It might feel unimportant, but it matters a lot. By choosing the right water tank, you can nip the algae growth problem before it starts.

As we all know that algae are photosynthetic organisms, which can only grow in the presence of light. If there is no light, there will be no algae.

Therefore, one thing is clear if your water tank does not let the sunlight pass through, you can save your water from algae contamination. You must be thinking, what tank can prevent the sunlight?

If so, the answer is an opaque water tank. You should buy a water tank that does not let sunlight reach inside. You can go for a black water tank which does not permit light to pass.

For more suggestions and recommendations you can book water cleaning at home.

Schedule Regular Cleaning

The most effective way of preventing algae growth in your water tank is to clean it regularly. In this way, the algae will not find enough time to grow and spread over the whole area of your water tank. There will be no contamination in the water and it is safe for use.

Therefore, you should schedule regular cleaning of your water tank. You can clean it yourself or you can find an expert by searching “water tank cleaning near me” in your search engine for effective and hassle-free cleaning.

Experts suggest if your water tank is exposed to indirect sunlight, you should clean it water tank once in six months. On the other hand, in case of direct sunlight exposure, clean your water tank more frequently.

Cleaning your water tank not only prevents the growth of algae but also removes the dust, dirt, and other debris periodically. In this way, your water tank does not get too dirty to clean easily.

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