Tips to Get A Good Band Score in the IELTS Exam 

The IELTS exam is conducted to check the proficiency of the English language of non-native speakers. Clearing IELTS is crucial to moving and studying abroad. Many students feel that it is very hard to get a good band score in IELTS. They feel demotivated already. Now, this is entirely incorrect.  If you work hard and regularly then you can easily get a good score. You just need to take care of some general tips. 

Often students do not prepare very well. Even if they do they lack professional guidance. If you feel you are lacking in the preparations then we suggest you join IELTS online coaching classes and work well on all aspects of your preparations. This article will provide you with some tips to get a good band score 

 Improve your reading

You have to solve 2 long reading passages while attempting the reading section of the IELTS exam. It will be easy to do well in the reading section if you have a regular habit of reading. . For this devote around 30 minutes to reading newspapers every day.  If you are uninterested in reading the newspaper then we suggest you buy an interesting book, novel or a magazine and read them daily. This is to boost the reading speed and also become familiar with unique words which will help in strengthening the vocabulary of the student. Lay emphasis on reading it all accurately. 

  •  Skim crucial areas of passage 
  • Try understanding the main idea of the passage 
  • Look out for keywords that you can associate with your answer. Underline them quickly. This will help you to dig out answers easily without wasting much time

Strengthen your vocabulary

The beginning step for IELTS preparation is to strengthen your vocabulary. If you have prepared your vocabulary well then it is going to be easy for you to do well in all the sections.  To improve your vocabulary learn some new words, idioms, synonyms, etc. We suggest you buy a good English book which will make it quite easy to learn all the concepts. For example- Pick some good newspaper like The Hindu. Now read it carefully. Look out for some new words and the way sentences have been framed. This will also help you understand the prevailing issues in the world. 

Connect with others

`Connecting and socializing with like-minded people is very beneficial.  When you talk to people who have the same objective and end goal as you then it facilitates effective exchange of ideas and opinions. Also, a student might feel bored and overwhelmed while preparing for the  IELTS exam alone. If he connects with other students preparing for IELTS then he will be able to practice well.  He can listen to how others are speaking and also rehearse his own speech. It will help him to understand the level of preparations of others and if there is any shortcoming in his preparation he can correct it accordingly.

Stay positive 

While preparing for the IELTS exam it is important to stay positive. Sometimes students feel helpless against negativity. No matter how hard they try negative thoughts keep entering their mind and disturbing their peace of mind. Due to it, it becomes hard to focus on the IELTS exam preparation. So you have to ensure you do not delve much into negativity. If you are finding it hard to motivate yourself then you can watch videos of motivational speakers. You are not a native speaker of the English language so it’s fine if you are doing some mistakes initially but with time it will all be easy and manageable. You can go out with your friends and family and refresh your mind with positive thoughts

Timed practice

One of the best ways to prepare yourself fully before IELTS is to solve mock tests within the time limit.  Try completing all the modules as per the time limit.  One major reason why students are scared of the IELTS exam is whether they will be able to complete the paper on time. So to remove this fear you need to check if you can solve the mock paper on time. 

If you are unable to do so then there are a good amount of chances that you will fail to complete your IELTS exam too. So keep practising as many mock tests as possible under the pressure of time. Apart from IELTS, several students appear for the PTE exam too. Are you preparing for the PTE exam? Do you feel you need professional guidance to get better scores? If yes then the best thing to do is to join PTE online coaching and give your preparations a flying start. 

English in daily life

If you wish to get a good band score in the IELTS exam then it’s important to completely immerse yourself in the English language. Try to speak in English with your loved ones. Instead of wasting time watching daily soaps, movies, etc on television switch to infotainment channels like Nat Geo, BBC, etc, and watch and listen to perfect English commentary. You don’t have to cram English but try to find and increase its usage in your daily life. 

Wrapping it up

So folks, keep all your anxieties, fears, etc about the IELTS exam at bay and follow the above tips carefully. Let us assure you that the IELTS exam is not at all hard. If you will devise a proper strategy then you can easily achieve a good band score.

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