Three Potential Issues with TMVs [You Might Need an Acorn Thermostatic Repair Kit)

Thermostatic mixing valves, or TMVs, are widespread in residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional plumbing for the purposes of both plumbing and hydronic heating. These valves control the output temperature of the water in a plumbing system.

They are valuable for two primary reasons. One is that they help prevent risks associated with scalds that would result from exposure to very hot water.

You might think: just turn down the temperature – but unfortunately, storing water below a certain temperature can foment the growth of harmful bacteria.

A thermostatic mixing valve allows the water in a hot water storage system to be too hot to encourage the growth of bacteria, and also meters out that water in appropriate conjunction with colder water in order to prevent burns and provide comfort.

Thermostatic mixing valves also help extend the economy of hot water availability by maintaining precise ratios. This enables the optimum mixture of hot and cold water, preventing premature exhaustion of the hot water supply.

But, like all hardworking pieces of equipment, thermostatic mixing valves can experience breakdown and failure. The following are some common problems associated with TMVs, so if your system is built around parts produced by Acorn Engineering, here are some signs you might soon need an Acorn thermostatic repair kit.

1. Water temperature fluctuations or water temperature is consistently off
The first and most obvious sign that a TMV is encountering troubles is if there are undue fluctuations in the water temperature. The primary purpose of a TMV is to provide a consistent output temperature, so if the water gets too hot, the valve may not be working as intended.

However, water that is too cold can also be a sign of TMV troubles. Occasionally, the water may fluctuate between two hot or too cold. This can occur when the valve is obstructed or has been moved out of the proper position. There might also be a problem with the O-ring; however, it’s better to address it sooner rather than later.

2. Flow rate problems
Flow rate problems may be a result of the line pressure, but that is not always the case. Though the primary function of a TMV is to regulate output temperature, if the water pressure seems to fluctuate, it could also be a result of the TMV.

This specific issue can occur as a result of blockage within the valve. Debris and hard water scale can both accumulate over time, adversely impacting the efficacy of a TMV. An excess of scale can make it necessary to replace the valve entirely.

3. Leaks or drips, especially around the TMV
A leaky plumbing fitting is always a cause for concern, whether it’s a thermostatic mixing valve or a flushometer body.

Thermostatic mixing valves can occasionally leak around seals, which will be visible upon inspection. Corrosion can also damage the fixture and may cause leaks. The signs of a slow leak may be visible on the floor and not on the valve itself.

The valve’s seals may be worn, the valve itself may be corroded or it might simply be in the wrong position. In any case, a leak must be rectified immediately for two reasons: a malfunctioning TMV is a hazard to health, and a leak can cause property damage.

Where to Find Acorn Thermostatic Repair Kits
Acorn Engineering has been firmly committed to industrial safety and actually formed a special division for tempered water systems in 2018. It should come as no surprise that Acorn thermostatic mixing valves are so respected in the industry.

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