Things To Know Before Moving To British Columbia

Are you thinking about moving to British Columbia through British Columbia PNP? There are plenty of reasons for you to go forward with your plan. Excellent employment opportunities, free health care, and the beautiful landscape indicate that you are opting for the right choice by relocating to British Columbia. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program is the immigration path that most people choose.

The working Holiday Program

Working Holiday Visas are excellent options for those who want to move to British Columbia for a short period. Working Holiday Visas are great options because applicants are not needed to secure a job before coming here. You have to be aged between 18-35. You might be qualified to enroll in the Medical Services Plan if you come to British Columbia on a working holiday via International Experience Canada. The requirements are-

  • A valid working permit for more than six months.
  • The working hours per week should be minimum of 18 hours
  • Must be staying in British Columbia for six months consecutively
  • Should have an employment record of over six months during the time of Working Holiday Permit.

Express Entry- Federal Skilled worker Program

One of the most favored immigration pathways for trained workers is Express Entry after which you can apply for a permanent resident visa canada. The qualified applicants have the chance to become permanent Canadian citizens within a period of six months and gain the right to work anywhere in Canada.

The Federal Skilled Worker is a part of the Express Entry program. It is most favored among the immigrants because the applicants are not required to have a prior work experience or educational record in Canada. In this system, the candidates compete against each other depending on the CRS score (Comprehensive Ranking System). The points are awarded based on 

  • Education
  • Age
  • Language Ability
  • Work Experience
  • Spouse Profile
  • Adaptability

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

The British Columbia PNP permits immigrant workers to migrate to Canada permanently. Two main categories come under BC PNP. 

One is for the skilled workers required by BC. Another one is for the entrepreneurs and experts in the financial segment to boost the business in Canada.

The eligibility criteria for the BC Provincial Nominee Program include a valid job offer from a British Columban Employer or a graduate degree from the British Columbian University. 

Once qualified for these criteria, BC will help you get a work permit. The work permits entitle you to stay and work in Canada while your application for a permanent resident visa for Canada gets processed.

Studying in British Columbia

Studying in Canada is an excellent option to increase your chances of migrating to British Columbia. In addition, a post-secondary program in BC will earn you more points, increasing your chances of getting qualified for the BC Provincial Nominee Program. 

International students holding graduation are eligible for a Post-graduation Work Permit (PGWP), which will allow them to work and stay in Canada for three years.

Moving into a new place is always tiresome and takes much planning. Here are some checklists for you to consider before you undertake the initiative to relocate.

Top universities

The University of British Columbia is a distinguished institution for education and research. It ranked 37th among the leading Public Institutions of the World in 2022. It helped over 65,000 students from more than 140 countries to upgrade and expand their careers. Once you get the chance to become a permanent citizen of British Columbia, your tuition fees will be lesser than an international student studying at the University of British Columbia.

You will get the chance to explore the old and the new simultaneously

In British Columbia, you get the opportunity to decide your place to reside according to your taste. The fifty-two cities in British Columbia are a decoction of history, modernity, and nature. Some of the best places to settle down here are- Vancouver, Fort. St John, Saanich, Victoria, Kelowna, and so on.

British Columbia Offers a vast range of jobs related to the mining and agricultural industry

British Columbia has a range of topographical varieties, including forests, coasts, and mountains. Because of the diverse climate, the agricultural and mining industries have been thriving. British Columbia brings the opportunity for various sectors, including food, beverage, agricultural commodities, marine species harvesting, wood building, engineering, petroleum, and natural gas, to thrive and create new job opportunities for millions.

Moderate weather

Immigrating to Canada is difficult for many because of its freezing weather. But British Columbia, especially Vancouver, is blessed with moderate climate conditions.

High cost of living

British Columbia is one of the finest places in Canada, but the cost of living here is exceptionally high. A one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver costs $1869 per month against $1641 in Victoria. British Columbia’s tax rates and rents are on the higher side compared to other provinces. Vancouver, known as the “Beautiful British Columbia,” is one of the most popular choices for immigrants planning to relocate to Canada.


Among the programs for British Columbia PNP mentioned above, find the one that is best suited for you. Fulfill your dream to migrate to Canada and explore the chances of a better future.

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