Things to Consider Before Hiring a Junk Removal Service

A lot of things go into hiring a Junk Removal Service. There are numerous benefits to choosing a commercial junk removal company over a do-it-yourself service. Consider these factors: Cost, Licensure, Insurance, and even what they won’t take. Here are some important things to keep in mind before hiring a junk removal company. Once you’ve compared prices, you’ll be able to hire a company that meets your needs.


Typically, the price of commercial junk removal in Chicago IL varies from one load to many. There are various methods used to calculate the price, including billing by the truckload or by the cubic yard. A full truck load costs more than an empty one, while a quarter-load will cost less. A dumpster rental generally comes with a flat rate, but overage charges may apply. Most companies also accept recyclable materials. The cost of commercial junk removal services varies by city, but there are some basic costs that will be the same in most cases.

Pricing varies based on many factors, including the size of the load, amount of debris and location. The best way to price a commercial junk removal service is to determine a competitive pricing curve that will keep customers coming back. A business that competes solely on price is unlikely to be able to survive. After all, a customer will simply switch to a cheaper competitor, so they should find a unique selling proposition.


When hiring a junk removal company, make sure to ask about its license and insurance. Licensure and insurance is crucial for your business’s protection against liability. Make sure your company is licensed, and you can see it in the license on your business card. Also, make sure you check that the company has workers’ compensation insurance. Licensing and insurance can protect your business from any lawsuits that may result from mishandling the items you collect.

If you want to offer junk removal services in New York City, you should consider getting a business license or a “doing business as” license from the city. You’ll also need to carry general liability insurance and property insurance. These will protect you from any legal fees that may be incurred from a lawsuit, and will cover any damages you cause to a customer’s property. These insurance policies are required by law, and can be combined in a small package.


If you’re looking for insurance for your commercial junk removal services, there are a few different types of coverage you should consider. First, most states require that all businesses carry workers’ compensation insurance to protect against lawsuits. Additionally, workers’ compensation insurance covers the costs of injury and illness to employees. This policy also provides disability and death benefits. Other types of insurance you might need include liability insurance, property insurance, and commercial auto insurance. Ask your insurance agent about the coverage you need, and then choose one that best fits your needs.

Second, you’ll need insurance for the vehicles your employees use. A junk removal company may have a fleet of vehicles, and drivers may need to travel around town and beyond in order to remove junk. If one of their vehicles is involved in an accident, it could cause property damage and bodily injury, which would expose the company to liability claims. General waste disposal insurance doesn’t cover vehicles, so it’s important to choose commercial insurance for these vehicles.

Banning of certain items

Some junk removal companies are allowed to haul certain items, but others are not. Some junk is prohibited by city ordinances or local authorities. Other items, such as hazardous materials, aren’t aesthetically pleasing, and can contain dangerous spores. Additionally, certain junk is a breeding ground for rats and other pests. Used oil from old car parts, for instance, is dangerous for pets. Therefore, it is important to understand what is and isn’t allowed before hiring a junk removal company.

Locations of companies that offer service

A company that offers commercial junk removal services will send haulers to your location to remove unwanted items. Whether you have outdated office furniture or an entire warehouse full of merchandise, these services can take care of these tasks for you. Running a business means getting dirty, and removing office furniture and trash is not always the easiest task. A junk removal service can help take the hassle out of this task, freeing you up to focus on your core business.

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