TherapyNotes vs Falcon Silver EHR: EMR Review of the Year 2022  

If you are a medical professional, you may be looking for software to help you decrease administrative stress at the clinic. There are two options: Therapy Notes and Falcon Silver. This article will review different features to help you decide between the two. It will also compare the pricing plans of TherapyNotes EHR vs Falcon Silver EHR to help you make your final decision. 

Silver EHR Software from DaVitaFalcon is a nephrology-specific electronic medical record (EMR) solution. It supports dialysis clinics and nephrology healthcare providers in the United States. It is powerful enough to examine allergies or other difficulties thoroughly. Moreover, it integrates patient lab results and an entry point through a simple name search. 

TherapyNotes is a web-based EHR system created by mental and behavioral individual practitioners.  This software is mobile-friendly and appropriate for practices that operate from many locations. It enables healthcare professionals to develop and personalize patient treatment plans. You can also use it to write and update progress reports. It also generates psychological and psychiatric patient profiles and evaluations. 

Falcon Silver EHR 

Key Features  

Mobile Applications 

Falcon Silver EHR software is a well-known platform that features mobile apps. Physicians can use it to submit orders. It ensures that patients receive their medications as soon as possible. Mobile apps also make it easier for users to communicate with their patients. Physicians can focus on preventing the progression of chronic kidney disease. 

Nephrology Management  

Falcon Silver features nephrology-specific IT tools to aid nephrologists in their daily operations. They are accessible through a smartphone. The nephrology-specific EMR enables doctors to give their patients high-quality care. It collaborates with Epic to treat chronic kidney disease. It integrates Epic’s Universal Technology Program to increase the accuracy of kidney disease treatment. 

Specialty Support 

Falcon’s Kidney Care focuses on physicians’ demands. At the same time, it tackles the challenges of providing excellent care to patients. It supports physicians in treating patients with complex conditions. It gives kidney specialists all the tools they need to stay on top of the ever-changing world of health care. 

Falcon Silver EHR Pricing  

The pricing of the Falcon Silver EMR is not available on the website. Users can contact Falcon Silver’s sales team for pricing information and a quote. The Falcon Silver sales staff tailors the cost based on the practice size.  

Falcon Silver EHR Demo 

You should watch a demo before purchasing the Falcon Silver. The Falcon Silver demo will provide you with enough information about the software. You can also see the functions of the Falcon Silver software in action. Moreover, you can ask questions about the system before purchasing a pricing plan. 

Falcon Silver EMR Reviews 

The Falcon Silver EHR is customizable. It is flexible software that can accommodate specialty workflows. The user interface is simple to use and understand. But some reviews state that it slows down while under heavy load, which can affect the pace of work.  

Therapy Notes EMR

Key Features 

Patient Portal 

Patients can schedule appointments using “TherapyPortal” on their mobile devices. Doctors can engage with their patients via messages, video conferencing, note-taking, and more. The color scheme, logo, and welcome message are also customizable.  

Medical Billing 

TherapyNotes can manage the billing process from start to finish. You can use it for insurance eligibility verification, filing claims, and payment. You can also scan the claims for typos and code issues. It also supports the creation of superbills with all required information for reimbursement. 

Electronic Records 

With speech-to-text software, built-in templates, and searchable diagnostic code. It also makes it possible to create rapid documentation and notes. Additionally, physicians have rapid access to patient information and notes. 

Physician Calendar 

Schedule one-time or regular appointments, see appointment-related notes, and send patients automatic reminders. Organize the calendar by clinicians, particular clients, or practice locations. It provides a personal to-do list that includes treatment plans. You can also make notes, administrative paperwork, and other items. 

Appointment Scheduling 

You can connect the to-do list to records, notes, and billing to schedule appointments. You can also manage tasks on the to-do list for more efficiency. TherapyNotes provides customization of the calendar interface and mobile calendar sync. It ensures rapid appointment scheduling.  

Therapy Notes 

You can process notes, a sort of specialized documentation utilized by mental health experts. It provides a secure space for sensitive information. You can record therapy notes aside from the patient’s medical records. 

TherapyNotes EHR Pricing 

TherapyNotes has a 3-tiered pricing plan: Solo, Group, and Enterprise. The Solo plan supports private practitioners and costs $49 per user monthly. The Group plan costs $59 per month for the first clinician, and extra users pay less. Enterprise Therapy Notes charges $59 monthly and requires at least 30 users to expand. 

TherapyNotes EMR Demo 

If you want to test the program’s compatibility by viewing it from various angles, you can arrange a TherapyNotessoftware demo online. 

TherapyNotes EHR Reviews 

TherapyNotes is popular among users for various reasons, including its ease of use. TherapyNotes reviews also appreciate customer support. Practitioners receive training too. Its customizable interface is compatible with the ever-changing nature of virtual care.  

Final Remarks  

The Falcon Silver EHR Program from DaVita Physician Solutions is a specialty-specific Electronic Medical Records (EMR) program designed to satisfy the needs of nephrology clinics. A solid system provides an overview of all patient lab tests, allergies, or other issues and an entry point via a simple name search. 

TherapyNotes is a secure, user-friendly platform for taking notes, billing, and scheduling that assists mental health therapists in running their clinics more effectively. TherapyNotes streamlines administrative procedures, allowing practitioners to dedicate more time and attention to providing excellent client care. 

Falcon Silver and TherapyNotes are successful practice management tools with positive user feedback. But, before making a selection, you should see their demos to compare their features. The cost of Falcon Silver vs TherapyNotes can be decisive when choosing between these two medical solutions. 

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