The Ultimate Guide To Oil Burner Pipes And Their Usage

A cannabis pipe is one of the most identifiable smoking implements. These pipes can be divided into two categories: carb and carb-free. The smoke can be cleared from the pipe with those that have a “carb,” or tiny hole.

Chillums or “one-hitters” are terms used to describe carb-free pipes. These come in a variety of shapes, but they are mostly straight tubes that resemble cigarettes or have understated patterns.

Carb pipes are frequently referred to as “bowls” or “spoons.” They typically have a spoon-like shape. Pipes with carbohydrates are made to hold more cannabis and may typically be passed around a group of pals for several puffs.

A Guide To Oil Burner Pipes For Newbies

The main advantages of smoking cannabis in oil burner pipes over joints or blunts are more smoke and less ash. Although joints, blunts, and other rolled products may be considered more portable, their burning process produces a lot of ash.

Fact- A clean pipe will also be softer than a joint or blunt.

How Weed Pipes Work

Pipes need three features of the object to perform their function:

Step 1- The area of your mouth known as the mouthpiece

Step 2- The container in which you place your marijuana flower

Step 3- The carb hole: Some pipes come with a carb hole that the user can use to “clean” out any remaining smoke.

The cannabis is heated, and the mouthpiece is used to inhale the smoke.

How To Chose The Right Pipe

The choice of an oil burner pipe is a matter of preference. Standard chillums can be fashioned like cigarettes or made of transparent glass, while more elaborate one-hitters and bowls come in a variety of colours, shapes, and other embellishments. A one-hitter can be your best choice if you want something that can be handled discretely in your palm of the hand. They are small, carb-free, and traditionally kept in a wooden “dugout.”

A bowl is probably your best choice if you want something that will endure for a while, allow for longer smoke sessions, and have a carb hole. You can hold the pipe as if you were going to use it to get a feel for how it feels in your hands and whether or not the carb hole is easy to use, even though you won’t be able to test the pipe before you buy.

How To Light Up A Oil Burner Pipes

Once loaded, light the hemp wick or bowl of cannabis with a lighter and take a puff through the mouthpiece. If there is a carb, make sure to inhale the first half of the puff while covering the carb hole with your thumb or finger. Release your finger, and while taking a second hit, allow air to pass through the carb hole.

Beginners should start with tiny doses in each oil burner bowl and space their inhalations out across several minutes. Go “slow and low” until you’re comfortable with cannabis items because the potency of cannabis varies.


Warning: If consumed in plenty can cause harmful effects on the human mind and body.

If you enjoy smoking more than vaping and are searching for a smart alternative to a regular joint, then these oil burner pipes are an ideal option for you. 

Don’t believe give it a go on your own.

Closing Lines 

As you are now familiar with oil burner pipe usage and can select the best quality oil burner for yourself. If you ever need a reminder of how to buy and use a pipe, feel free to look back at this guide. Once you’ve mastered it, you should be able to enjoy your pipe and legal marijuana from smokeshop Apopka without much assistance.

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