The Tried And True Method Of Gum Bleaching – Painful Lasers And Burning Away Tissue

The tried and true method of gum bleaching – painful lasers and burning away tissue: You may be surprised to learn that it’s not even possible to remove melanocytes from the gums without significant tissue damage; melanocytes are part of the genetic makeup of gum tissue, so they’re there to stay. What’s worse, most dentists attempt to do this by literally burning away the melanocytes with lasers. That’s where Dr. Benjamin Franklin’s DDS comes in.

How Did Doctors Remove Gum Pigmentation Before?

Gum bleaching was a tried and true method in the past. Dentists would use sharp tools to cut into the gum tissue, essentially slicing out the melanocytes with a scalpel. In other cases, dentists would use a laser to burn away the skin cells that produce melanin. Burning off so much gum tissue can have devastating consequences for your oral health.

How Does Laser Gum Treatment Help?

Gum bleaching is the process by which dentists use lasers to remove gum pigmentation. It’s not as simple as it sounds though, there are a few caveats that must be considered before you go through with this procedure.
-Gum Bleaching is a gradual process, so one treatment will not get rid of your problem areas. These treatments can take up to a year or more to complete depending on the severity of the pigmentation.
-Bleached gums are more sensitive than normal gums, so be prepared for gum tenderness and bleeding during brushing and flossing because these areas are thinned after being treated with laser beams.

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Laser Therapy?

Lasers are a treatment option for many conditions, most notably gum disease. Gum disease is an infection that can cause inflammation, bone loss, and tooth loss if not treated. Laser therapy can help to kill the bacteria in the mouth that causes gingivitis and periodontal disease. Another condition laser therapy can be used for is seborrheic dermatitis or eczema. These skin conditions cause inflammation with blisters on the skin which can develop into a scaly rash or even ulcers if left untreated. The laser treatment will remove this excess buildup while also reducing inflammation in these areas of the body.
Oral melanosis is another condition where laser therapy may be used as a treatment option.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Laser Technology?

Lasers are gentle and painless, with very little recovery time. The procedure can also be done quickly, usually over the course of just one or two office visits. And because there is no cutting into the gums or disturbing sensitive tissues, it is a much more comfortable experience for patients. The best part? Laser treatments are highly successful in removing melanin from the gums. Plus, since the laser doesn’t destroy any layers of gum tissue while removing pigmentation, your gums stay healthier than they would if you were using traditional methods.

Who Should Receive This Treatment?

For patients who want to get rid of their dark, discolored gums quickly without having to wait for years for the natural process to do its job, laser-assisted gum bleaching may be a viable option. It is important to note that this treatment should only be done in conjunction with dental treatments such as restorative surgery or tooth whitening. Treating the appearance of your gums in isolation from other aspects of your dental health is not advisable because it can lead to more serious problems down the line.

What About Pain And Discomfort During The Procedure?

Although the procedure does come with pain, there are a few benefits to this type of process. It’s much more effective than the previous methods, meaning it will actually get rid of the pigmentation instead of just trying to cover it up. It also doesn’t take as long, which means you’ll be back to your normal routine much sooner. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the laser damaging any other part of your mouth!

When Will I See Results From My Laser Procedure?

When using a laser for gum bleaching, it’s important to understand that you won’t see immediate results. It takes at least six sessions with your dentist in order to see any significant change in the color of your gums. As we’re working with light energy, there can be some side effects such as slight redness or irritation around the mouth. Over time, these side effects will go away naturally.

What Should I know After My Laser Procedure?

When a laser is used to remove pigmentation from the gums, there may be some sensitivity in the area. Pain medication can help alleviate any discomfort while your gums heal. When you go back to brush your teeth, make sure you use a soft-bristled toothbrush and avoid scrubbing too hard on your gums. In many cases, people who have had laser treatments notice that their teeth are sensitive to hot or cold foods for a week or so after the procedure. This should go away on its own with time.

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