The Online Quran Academy – A Place for Everyone to Learn the Teachings of Islam

The Online Quran Academy aims to help people learn more about Islam in an easy and accessible manner, without having to attend classes at the mosque or Islamic center. Our teachers have years of experience helping people to understand the basic concepts of Islam, and they are ready to answer your questions and help you learn more about the Quran in any way they can. The Quran’s teachings will be presented in simple terms so everyone can comprehend them easily, even if they aren’t familiar with Islam or the Arabic language.

Learning Methods
One of our goals at The Online Quran Academy is to serve as a one-stop shop for Muslims who wish to study the Quran, Islam’s holy scripture. Whether you want an online course or a mentor that you can meet with face-to-face, we have an option that will work perfectly with your lifestyle. And since most of our courses are self-guided, they allow you time and space in which to practice what you’re learning in a more personal way. If you have any questions about any aspect of OQA, please contact us so that we can respond and get you started on your journey!

Mission & Vision
The mission and vision of our organization is to provide a personalized learning experience that is conducive to anyone who wants to learn about the teachings of Islam. We know that this can be a difficult topic for some, so we want to make it as accessible and non-threatening as possible. We have a multitude of resources available on topics such as the Quran, Islamic history, modern issues in Muslim communities around the world, and more! All resources are easily accessible from our website.

What does a student get from us?
Learning to read the Quran will open up your life to an entirely new world of knowledge. As you learn, you gain confidence and understanding which then allows you to better understand yourself and those around you. The peace and tranquility that comes with knowing how beautiful and important the words of God are will bless your heart and your days with joy. When you learn more about the Quran, it becomes something more than just reciting verses day after day.we want students to be able to feel empowered while they’re studying. And since everyone has different needs and requirements, our programs are completely flexible. Whether it’s a single lesson or 10 units, our programs allow for customized lengths and intensities of study based on individual goals or needs.

We guarantee your success!
We want to share our experience with you and help guide you to success. We guarantee your success. If not, we’ll give you $5,000 for free! Contact us today for more information. Through our web-based Quran teaching platform, your time spent learning is made easier. Students can start studying anytime they wish and at their own pace. You get an online study buddy that motivates you to continue studying because they’re as invested in your success as you are. Plus, now every student has a tutor ready at their disposal 24/7 so they can ask questions or just chat about anything under the sun. Join our Online Quran Academy today.

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