The National Sport of Australia – Cricket

Australia has had many national sports over the years, including Australian rules football, rugby league and rugby union. But one thing all Australians have in common is that they support their favourite cricket team, whether it’s the men’s team, the women’s team or even the Under-19’s. If you’re planning on visiting Australia soon and want to get to know the locals better, here are some more facts about their national sport of Australia that you may not know about already!

A short history of cricket as national sport of Australia

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played on an oval-shaped field. The bat is made of wood and is shaped like a blade, with one end smaller than the other. There are 11 players on the field at one time: One umpire and two batsmen; three batsmen; nine fielders; two bowlers (one in each team) who face each other and are approximately 15 feet apart; and a team scorer.

Cricket has been around for centuries. It was first played in England in the 17th century but its popularity really took off during the 18th century when it became the most popular spectator sport.

Beginners guide to playing cricket

Cricket is the favorite pastime in most countries outside the United States, and has been for centuries. It is played with a bat, ball, and wickets set in different positions on a field. The goal is to hit the ball with the bat, running between your team’s wickets or bases at strategic points in order to score points for your team. For example, when you’re batting, it’s important that you avoid being put out by either one of the two catchers who can catch a thrown ball or an over-the-shoulder catch from one of your opponents. You can also be run out if you forget to touch your other base after hitting the ball so you have enough time to reach home base before anyone else reaches it first!

Cricket superstars around the world

No matter where you go, there’s always someone playing a game of cricket. So what are some of the most famous names in the world who have dominated this esteemed pastime? Despite having to play it with his feet and not just his hands, West Indian cricketer Sir Garfield Sobers is regarded as one of the greatest players ever, captaining his side to victory in three consecutive world cups. Shane Warne was an Australian who made a formidable impact on the international scene before retiring from international duty, finishing up with 708 test wickets and 573 one day internationals – both all-time records for their respective formats.

Cricket rules and laws

Cricket is played between two teams on a grass field. There are 11 players in each team, which includes 11 fielders. The bowler throws the ball to the wicketkeeper who catches it and then throws it back to the bowler. After this happens for a few times, two batsmen come up to bat and attempt to score runs by hitting balls that are thrown at them from the other team’s bowlers. One player attempts to hit sixes while another tries for fours or singles with runners at the other end. There are three outs before batsmen can change places if they desire.

Cricket gear you need

Cricket is a game that has many pieces of equipment.

  • Bat- The bat is called a batsman and one side is flat to make hitting the ball easier.
  • Ball-Cricket balls are made from leather or cork and the back seam makes it easier to grip.
  •  Stumps-Two wooden stumps with metal pins on top stand upright in the ground and represent the wicket.
  • Bails-These small, metal pieces sit atop the stumps.

How to buy a bat and ball

If you have a bat and ball, now it’s time to find some field space. Try heading out to your local sports ground or park on the weekend when it should be relatively empty. If you live in an apartment building, see if there is any roof space that can accommodate a game of cricket. Once you’re settled on a spot for your game, it’s time to gather your players. Have some bats and balls handy so that everyone has their own equipment to get started.

Where can I play?

It seems like an oddball pick to some, but most Aussies don’t even bat an eye when asked about the country’s national sport. Cricket has been a part of Australian culture for centuries and is played at a variety of levels. For those looking to introduce themselves or others to the game, here are three simple ways you can start playing:

You could head down to your local community center or school where the kids might be playing on any given day. These places typically have nets set up for us older folk and we’re always ready for you! If you are feeling more ambitious, why not check out your state’s website where there is often information about club cricket teams in your area?

How much does it cost?

Cricket is a challenging game, so equipment can be pricey. The basic tools you’ll need to get started are a bat, ball, wicket keeper pads and a helmet. Try these lower priced items first and see if you like the game before investing more money into it. We recommend getting your basics from one of the following stores:

  • Amazon: Search for beginner in their sporting goods section
  • Sports Authority: Store near Florida and 15th Street NW
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods: Mall at University Town Center

Where do I get involved?

Cricket is the most popular, oldest and national sport of Australia. There are various ways to participate, including: at a club as an organizer, an umpire or referee, an administrator, or player. This blog post can help you learn more about this pastime and what you can do to get involved.

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