The best time to post Reels on Instagram to Increase Engagement

Are you looking for the ideal timing when to post Reels to Instagram? This can help you to get lots of Engagement as well as views.

Finding the right timing to post is crucial for anyone who wants to break the Instagram Reels algorithm and improve your use of Instagram to promote the benefit of your company. It can help bring your content exposed to more people, which can aid in attracting an increase in Instagram followers and building your business’s image.

Concentrating on the most optimal timing to post will ensure the most regular Engagement. Also, increased Engagement will make your Reels go viral.

Learn from this guide the ideal timing to post Reels, the most unpopular timing for you to post on Instagram, and what you could do to defeat your Instagram Reels algorithm to increase your likes, Engagement, views, and followers. You can also get free Instagram likes with Mr. Insta.


When is the ideal time to post Reels on Instagram?

Deciding when the ideal moment is to post Instagram Reels can be complicated because it all depends on your particular viewers.

But, there are some moments when Instagram users are the most active. According to research conducted by Later, this is a list of the most effective times when to post Instagram Reels for each day of the week:

  • Monday: 5 AM
  • Tuesday: 6 AM
  • Wednesday: 6 AM
  • Thursday: 5 AM
  • Friday: 6 AM
  • Saturday: 6 AM
  • Sunday: 6 AM

Two critical questions to consider when trying to help determine this.


1. What is your target audience? Are they located?

To determine the ideal timing when to post Instagram Reels, you’ll have to know which part of your target viewers are located.

Instagram has a worldwide audience, with one billion people worldwide. That means you’ll have to correct the time zones when you post.

When you post Instagram Reels while your viewers are asleep, it’s unlikely that you’ll have the Engagement you’re hoping for. Time zones have a significant influence on the most popular engagement times.

Another reason to consider the region where your target audience is located is that it can influence the kind you post. Content your post. Your Instagram posts must always be geared to the geographical region of your followers. If you’re focusing on local marketing, it’s pretty evident.

How do you get this data to increase the popularity of Instagram Reels?

Find out the location of where your followers have followers. If you have a company account, you’ll have access to your Instagram insights, showing the countries or cities where your followers are located.

Go to Instagram and navigate to your profile, tap Insights, and tap Total Followers to access this information.


2. What time is your target Public Awake?

Once you’ve identified the geographical location of your target audience and where they are, you can leverage this information to boost Engagement. To achieve this, you’ll have to be aware of the times your audience is awake and make sure your posts are optimized to take advantage of this.

You could employ an analytics tool or try to figure it out independently.

To make your post more effective, it is necessary to know the differences in time zones between your target audience.

Let’s say that half of your viewers are in the US while the remaining half are located in the UK. You’ll have to adjust for this roughly 8 hours of difference.

If half of your audience is located in Australia while the other half is located in Japan, the time difference is approximately 2 hours.

Finding the ideal Instagram Stories posting schedule using this information could be difficult.

If you have an Instagram commercial account, you can access basic scheduling features. But, this isn’t compatible with Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels, which means you’ll need to post them manually.

Make your content calendar that lists the most important geographic regions and time zones your audience is from. Be sure to schedule content when most members of the audience can be found online.

You can utilize an application for managing social media to automate this process or even make Instagram posts by hand.

It can be challenging to deal with if you’ve got significant time zone variations. The best solution is to find out which time zones provide the most Engagement for your post.


How to Manually Determine the most effective time to upload Reels

You can determine the most effective timing to post manually, even if you’re not using an online social media site to keep track of the most active posting times. It’s also an excellent idea for those with a large audience that spans multiple time zones and who wish to determine which time zone has the most excellent Engagement.

To accomplish this, choose five times throughout the week. Post an Instagram Reel during the five times you select and record the number of views and likes you received with each post.

Do this next week. However, you must change the dates for every social media post using the same day.

For instance, post your Reel at 6 AM on Mondays during the first week. Then, it will be posted at 6 PM during the second week.

Continue to implement this social media strategy over a few weeks until you notice patterns. In the next few weeks, you’ll be able to determine the ideal times when you can post your Reels every day.

It’s a lot of work. However, it is always precise and adapted to the needs of your customers.

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