The Best Neighborhoods in Burlington, VT for Every Lifestyle

Although Vermont’s cost of living is higher than the national average, it is far lower than those of its New England neighbors, such as New Hampshire. In Vermont, you can discover the ideal area for you, whether you wish to live in a big metropolis or a tiny village close to a forest. Although being one of the best areas in the nation to live in, Burlington Houses for Sale are more expensive than those in most US cities, so be prepared to spend more. The top Burlington, Vermont neighborhoods for every lifestyle are listed below.

New North End

Properties in the New North End offer suburban benefits and were primarily constructed in the 1940s and 1950s. More parks and green space are available here than in any other area of Burlington, giving city residents the ability to buy a garage and a larger yard. The New North End sells the most houses out of any neighborhood in the city. Nonetheless, residents in the northern part of the area have a somewhat lengthy trip to the downtown theaters, eateries, and Interstate 89. The New North End’s major flaw is North Avenue, which has considerable traffic as the “one-way-in, one-way-out” access road. As a result, the prices remain somewhat lower.

Old North End

The majority of the buildings are from the 1800s and are located in Burlington’s original residential neighborhood. However they can be a little worn out and old-fashioned. The majority of the housing stock is made up of student residences, which limits the purchase options. The Old North End in Burlington has the greatest level of social, racial, and ethnic variety. It also exudes a groovy aura that attracts hipsters. House purchasers should prepare for more traffic, noise, and lack of privacy from their neighbors. Yet they’ll be able to get downtown quickly. When it comes to living in Burlington, walkability is crucial. The Old North End was founded on this. That is what made it popular once again.


There aren’t many single-family homes in downtown Burlington, but there are lots of condos. Some are in brand-new structures, like Stratos on St. Paul Street, with stunning lake views and exorbitant prices. Living in the center of Burlington offers quick, simple access to the Church Street Marketplace, as well as a variety of restaurants, nightclubs, art galleries, and events. But, you give up culture and convenience for commotion and metropolitan noise.

The Hill

Buyers who need and can afford four or more bedrooms might choose the Hill. The grand dame homes in Burlington typically have large yards and towering, mature trees surrounding them. Walking up and down steep streets is required to get to and from downtown. Prices are equally high. There are some areas of the Hill portion where you won’t find anything if your budget is $450,000 or less. Yet, there isn’t much through traffic, and it’s peaceful and safe.

South End

The South End offers an urban setting with suburban advantages, like peaceful streets, bigger yards, a sense of community, and simple access to I-89. It is the most well-liked among young, urban professionals, making it a hot area. You would probably need to acquire it quickly and expensively. The first houses appeared at the turn of the century. The architecture of the homes is popular. There are numerous antique and vintage choices. 

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