The Best Managed IT Service Providers You can Hire in 2022

As businesses around the world continue to grow and become increasingly dependent on information technology and network services, there comes a time when they required assistance for their operations. This is where a managed IT service provider can help them negate risks, enable consistent monitoring of their network and carry out regular maintenance as well as keep resources updated. Here are some of the finest providers of managed IT services in 2022 that can further pique your interest:


A leading IT consulting firm that delivers services in Campbell, Dallas, San Jose, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas. Their Managed IT Department offers you a simplification of your IT needs with a complete solution and comprehensive package. Clients are provided with a 24/7 IT Help Desk along with various other features including BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery), Business Continuity Planning, and much more.

Moreover, they have helped business overcome their business-related complexities as well as reduce operational costs. One of their areas of expertise is consultation through vCIO (virtual chief information officer) and creating customized plans for business growth along with identifying potential hazards. You can also use ITque services for staff augmentation to outsource additional muscle for your team through a pool of highly skilled and talented workers.

Electric IT

The company offers business managers to reinvent their IT by providing real-time IT support. So far they have supported 50,000 users and delivered centralized IT solutions to over 900 customers. Electric also offers a 50% reduction on IT spending for its clients along with standardized security across apps, devices, and networks for both on-site and remote workspaces. They are headquartered in New York and are a good choice for ventures that have 10-500 employees.

Electric provides an elite squadron of IT technicians accompanied by lightning-fast IT support. Their services also include employee onboarding and offboarding. Plus with employee management businesses can be on the receiving end of faster and more secure ways to manage their employees and their data. The company can help you fight back headaches including the likes of unpredictable timelines and hidden costs. Their services are imbued with transparency and provide flat-rate pricing along with chat-based support.

Switchfast Technologies LLC

Founded in 2001, the company is now a part of the Ascend Technologies team as the parent organization and offers managed IT services for small to mid-sized businesses. Ascend Technologies offers a full suite of managed IT services to help clients make smart technology decisions, worry less, and focus more on their organization. Through the merger of innovation and technology, they enable business growth on a solid foundation of efficiently-run core IT systems.

Ascend Technologies’ principal services include cybersecurity, cloud & infrastructure, salesforce support and maintenance, and various other resources. Through their services, clients can optimize user productivity, eliminate threats, and meet the needs of their ventures. In recent times Ascend Technologies acquired Peters & Associates to further expand their groundwork for Microsoft-related partnerships, products, and services. The company also offers a complete guide to Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

Dataprise Inc.

The company is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, United States, and was founded in 1995. It has enabled organizations to be the best at what they do through top-in-class managed IT collaboration, infrastructure, network, and security. The philosophy of Dataprise is that their customers should focus on running their core business and not bother about their IT needs. The company delivers strategic managed IT for leaders to drive growth as well as secure and transform the future of business operations.

Their services include cybersecurity, disaster recovery, infrastructure, and end-user support. Through their services, businesses can navigate the complexities of modern IT and with their integrated IT infrastructure services can gain a definite competitive edge within their industry and market niche. Dataprise has proven itself a champion when it comes to reducing downtime and outages allowing ventures to improve productivity and make sure that their environment is up, available, and running.

Cygnus Systems Inc.

A computer consultant company located in Southfield, Michigan, it offers managed IT services and IT support for Detroit and neighbouring areas. The company was established in 1988 and for the past 33 years, it has been providing exquisite services to businesses of all sizes throughout the midwest region of the US. Whether ventures are looking for complete outsourced IT support or consultation, Cygnus Systems can guide them and also provide assistance for specific projects and undertakings.

For those establishments that can quickly become overwhelmed with the vastness of IT technologies and its growing number of applications, Cygnus Systems provide terrific consultations. Their services include cybersecurity, cloud business support, and unified communications. Their process involves discovering your challenges, assessing your needs, creating a plan of action, developing a timeframe, launching the desired solution, and providing relentless long-term support.

Final Word

I hope this post was able to offer you some valuable insights as to how managed IT services can help remove bottlenecks and make managing your ventures effortless. With a ton of available services make sure that you identify your business goals and select services that are ideal for resolving difficulties and challenges faced by your IT department. Cheers, and all the best for your future endeavours!

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