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Why take a digital marketing course in Dubai?

Digital marketing is a fast-growing trend. Using the most powerful tools on the internet, online marketing attracts 75% of marketers. The fact that Dubai covers 90% of the technology market proves the need for digital marketing training in Dubai.

The expected career growth gives millions of reasons to take digital marketing courses in Dubai. Nlptech’s acclaimed online marketing courses guarantee career success.

Nlptech is a global leader in online education, dedicated to providing students with up-to-date skills. Since 2009, the institute has brought together over 35,000 professionals from over 55 countries.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident that this course will deliver on its promise. But we want you to enjoy it too. That’s why we make a bold promise that no one else in the industry makes.

100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee – If, after attending your first face-to-face meeting, you feel that this course is not valuable to you, you can request a full refund. We will refund all your money without any obligation on your part. Please note that this offer is only valid after the first face-to-face meeting and you must request a refund before the start of the second face-to-face meeting.

Guaranteed job interviews

Nlptech offers job interview support for qualified recent graduates and working professionals after completing the Certified Digital Marketer course.

We have a dedicated job placement team that works closely with our participants to meet their employment needs. Below is an overview of our placement process.

CV preparation

Upon successful completion of the course, including assignments and certifications, we work with candidates to develop an effective resume.

Apply to Hire

The updated resume will then be sent to the relevant organizations. The first interview will take place after the selection process.

Interview preparation

Based on the selected organization and the candidate’s profile, we help the candidate prepare for the entire interview process.

Selection and hiring

After a successful interview, we accompany the candidate from the acceptance of the offer to the employment with the organization for successful career development.

If a candidate is unable to complete the interview, our team will work on their references before scheduling another set of interviews with other companies.

Digital marketing courses in Dubai

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. Its mighty roar always poses many challenges. With frequent updates, new experiments, and ever-increasing competition, mastering digital marketing requires a high level of education.

We, at Nlptech, provide an effective mechanism to master digital marketing. It is rare to find an institution in Dubai that offers such a sophisticated curriculum as ours. Our research and development team has worked hard to provide a well-designed digital marketing curriculum for our students in Dubai.

Each chapter of the 44-module curriculum has been designed to meet the demands of the industry. In each module, you will learn about all major digital marketing channels, from basic introduction to professional use.

Each module is taught over a week, in several sessions, to ensure that the curriculum can be completed efficiently in 7 days. Exercises and case studies develop skills in implementation and strategic thinking.

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Practical tasks                                                            

To provide hands-on training, Nlptech offers real-time experience with practical projects and assignments. Assignment sessions are guided by realistic case studies that put things in perspective for you.

Assignment module

Note: The tasks listed below are not exhaustive. They will be regularly added to and updated.

Website development and design using WordPress.

For the first assignment, students need to register their existing blogs and businesses. If you do not already have one, take a 2-hour “Building Your Blog” course. The course is a self-study with 6 pre-recorded sessions that provide guidance on building an online platform and further promoting blogs.

Case Study Assignments

Nlptech developed the case studies by observing the most successful digital marketing campaigns. The Institute includes 60 hours of case studies and exercises covering all key strategies.

The exercises invite you to play with the extremes of digital marketing. Here you can create business case studies to expand your knowledge in this area. Practical approaches such as those offered by our institute will stimulate your digital marketing education.

Note: The exercises listed below are not exhaustive. We are constantly expanding and updating the details.

The tools included in our digital marketing course

Our Dubai digital marketing course covers a wide range of tools. In order to offer you premium quality, free digital marketing tools, we have partnered with leading companies in the industry. These tools are included in the total cost of the course. Access to paid tools can range from a few weeks to a few months.

Using these tools will ensure that you apply what you learn and understand in a real digital marketing scenario. These industry tools will support you in the practical implementation of your digital marketing applications. This is a unique feature that sets us apart from other digital marketing institutions in Dubai.

Exclusive digital marketing internships in Dubai.

Upon successful completion of the online digital marketing course, you will have the opportunity to complete the following internships. These internships play an important role in strengthening your skills and improving your CV.

Aptitude: good written communication skills

What you will do. You will work with Nlptech’s content marketing team to research, write and promote articles for the Nlptech blog. Here you will learn how to use blogging to gain visibility and branding.

What you will do. You will work with the NASSCOM Foundation team to create content and engage on social media platforms. You will learn how to effectively use channels like Facebook and Twitter to promote social causes.

3 exclusive digital marketing certificates

Nlptech itself acts as a certification body for its students. After completing the course, participants can earn 3 certificates, 2 of which awarded in partnership with Facebook and LinkedIn. For the Dubai digital marketing course, the certification fee included in the price of the digital marketing course.

10 External Internet Marketing Certificates

Nlptech believes in training and preparing you for external internet marketing certifications in Dubai. The only cost you have to pay is the Vskill certificate to sit for the exam. You can apply for the Vskills certification at the same time you register for the CDMM course and pay an exclusive fee of AED 92.

You can also apply and sit for 10 other globally recognized certificates. With a Dubai digital marketing course, you can easily obtain international digital marketing certifications as you prepared for any digital marketing exam.

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