The Best 7 Tips To Read More Effectively

This post is about how to read more… and better. Reading is the main ingredient in writing. Regular reading -even every day if possible – can make your writing leapfrog and quickly improve.

BUT It is not easy for many people. The pace of modern life is fast and we are often overwhelmed by family obligations, exams, or other obligations.

It is essential to read a lot. This can give you an understanding of the plots, characters, and twists, as well as how they are written. It is better to prioritize QUALITY, especially if time is tight.


This is the best advice anyone can give you. Take advantage of the “free” space throughout your day. We are so used to it that every blank space in our day, we pick up our mobile to check our networks or answer WhatsApp.

Instead, put down your phone and read in those moments: while waiting for the bus, subway, in a doctor’s office or waiting room, in the bathtub, or even in the service. If you’re one of those people who take their time, you can read while you wait for your meal at a restaurant or cafe, or when you have to make a date.


An advantage to the audiobook is that it doesn’t require any space, or to sit. Many people listen to audiobooks while running or going to work. This will allow you to advance the story and reveal how it continues. Do you know how to become an audiobook reader?

Words aren’t as easily absorbed and tasted the same way when they are in front of us. If you’re just looking to have fun and discover how the novel ends then this is a great choice.


This is a very common recommendation and has many benefits. First, you can build a valuable habit by reading at the same pace and following the same routine. Even if you only manage to read a few pages, you’ll notice that you’re making progress because you can do this every day.

It is well-known that reading before bed can promote relaxation. Instead of using a tablet, laptop, phone, or mobile phone to read before bed, we can use a book or a kindle.


Reading stories can be a great way to make sure you’re making the most of your time, even if you don’t have much time.

You can choose to read micro-stories. In just a few pages, you’ll have completed a complete story. And you will continue reading one after the next. Feeling that you have completed a book can lift your spirits and inspire you to read more.

Stories are a part of your weekly reading routine if you enjoy writing short stories or stories.


We may meet many people in our life who torture themselves-there is no better term- until they read a book they don’t like, or that they find horrible.

What’s the need? There are many books that you may like and are good or relevant to the genre you are looking for. Don’t let it stop you from reading a book that doesn’t resonate with your needs.


You can choose to have a book club in your area or your local neighborhood. However, the face-to-face version is more convenient because it will help you to connect with literature lovers like yourself (those who write tend to be introverts).

A book club has two major advantages: you can talk about what you’re reading and it will encourage you. On the other hand, you can comment on the book’s technique and learn a lot. . A book club is a great bonus because you will be reading unexpected books.


We begin with tips for reading better, which are just as important (or even more important) than reading a lot.

First, If you enjoyed a book and found it surprising or thought it was amazing, you should go back to it. Why? 

However, if we reread the book, we will find that the unknown is already known and can examine other aspects such as the style, writing, dialogues, setting, or just the sounds of the phrases. The book will be enjoyable in a new way, and you’ll learn many useful tips that can improve your writing.

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