The Benefits of Printing your Brand Logo

We will talk a lot about online branding in this post. But we will not ignore the importance of real-world branding!

We live in an age where people are clinging to their devices, so you can make a huge impact by printing your logo on physical objects, such as custom boxes, backpacks, clothes, and many other items.

One of the best ways to make your company name public is to have your logo on the business cards, calendars, and door hangers. These are objects that always appear in the eyes of new viewers.

This article will guide you through the benefits of printing your brand logo and taking all the steps.

What kind of files do I need to print my logo?

If you want to make sure your files are of the highest quality, you need to use the right file for the job. These are the reasons:

Before you print your design on any item, make sure you have the right format (keep in mind that you will create printable files when creating your logo). Make sure your design is appropriate for the product you want to print.

Printing on any curved surface, such as a coffee cup, could stretch your logo. In this case, you can reduce the logo size to avoid this problem.

When it comes to the custom boxes with logos, it’s also a good idea to consider how the colors of your logo contrast with the boxes you’ve printed.
The gray color of your logo printed on a white custom box will make your logo difficult to discern; you will need a dark-colored logo.

Use a transparent logo to get the most out of your printed product. If your logo has its own background printed on the product, it will not appear as a professional.
Some logos do not allow transparent backgrounds, and we will tell you which ones you can use in the following paragraphs.

custom brand logo

That being said, here’s the list of file types you should be aware of:


These files are a specially designed image format for printing and are a good option for printing large banners and signs on smaller items such as labels and pens.

When your logo is created in this format, it can be easily edited and resized without losing quality. If you are printing your logo, it is always recommended to print your logo using this format unless you are instructed not to do so.


This format can produce prints with a higher resolution than JPEG and can be transparent. But, this format is more restricted in terms of its resolution and color.

If you resize a PNG format document, you will usually notice that the resolution decreases, which increases the likelihood that your logo will appear blurry.
Logos made in this format can be upload to the web; however, they are not as effective, especially for printing.

Logo Printing on Stationery

Print your logo on various stationery products, from notebooks to business cards or post-it notes.

When it comes to the most popular business supplies used, the most popular is letterhead. Printing official documents and letters with your logo is a great way to improve your reputation.

Most paper stationery is white. Make sure your logo is easy to read. A transparent background can make the logo look more professional.

This also applies to items such as buttons and USB drives. The smaller the item, the more important it is for your brand to be visible.

If you print your logo on stationery, the most important thing is to make sure you have a proper margin. Make sure there is enough distance between the stationery text and the logo.

Logo Printing on Apparels

Brands are known to love printing their logo on their most popular clothing items like T-shirts, hoodies and hats, and more. When it comes to printing, you can choose from several different methods you can use.


Once your logo is transferred to a piece of special software, it is transferred to a machine that handles embroidering your logo. For the best results when using embroidery, select garments made of thicker materials such as caps for baseball, polo shirts or jackets, and hoodies.

Printing on Screen

Instead of sewing, printing employs the stenciled mesh screen to design the logo and press ink on the fabric. It’s a fantastic method for those who need to order huge quantities of things like bags and t-shirts. Additionally, unlike digital printing, its colors are more vivid and long-lasting.


This process involves making vinyl stickers that feature your logo and transferring them onto the fabric. It’s the least expensive choice compared to the other options. However, the vinyl stickers will be removed when clothes wash in hot water. Therefore, this is an ideal choice if you’re on a tight budget; however, beware that it won’t last for long.

 More information and tips

If you can, purchase a minimum of one product before the event to determine whether your logo matches the item and whether the size is acceptable. If the size isn’t right or small, it’ll appear odd. We’ve mentioned before that making sure you leave enough margin space to ensure your products don’t appear crowded due to your logo.

Brand Logo on Custom Boxes

Make sure you use your EPS logo image file so that your logo appears in high resolution. PNG or any other file format could mean that your logo appears blurry and pixelated.

Print Your Brand Logo on Custom Boxes

Do you distribute your items in custom printed boxes? Need custom printed retail boxes and bags for your product packaging?

If you sell retail items in small quantities or bulk, you can increase your brand’s visibility by putting the logo on the packaging with marketing strategy.

The most important thing to think about is how simple and easy it is to identify your logo design when designing packaging. Some packaging products do not have a single color and sometimes come with distinct patterns, such as patterned or colored backgrounds. Make sure your logo stays prominent and is not overwhelm by the packaging design.

If you want to print your logo on custom boxes, you can use offset or digital printing. If you’re trying to control your budget, printing your logo on labels and putting them on the packaging of your items is a great way to save money.

Print your Logo on Promotional Products and Other items

You can use various items to print, such as key chains, stickers, pencils, pens, greeting cards, invitation cards, and wallets. The possibilities are endless!

However, before putting your logo on every product, think about your ideal group and what products you might be interesting.

If you sell food, napkins, aprons, and glasses bearing your logo are essential for you to look professional.

You can design your logo on important items such as sweatpants, towels, and water bottles in the sports business.

Mouse pads, laptop cases, and USB drives are ideal when you’re in the technology industry that sells products or services.

The trick is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and choose the items they will use. It’s a shame to buy printed products to throw them in the trash right away.

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