The 10 best iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus features

The New Aluminum Casing

The new aluminum casing of the 7000 series was evident from the moment I touched my iPhone 6s Plus. Comparing to my iPhone 6 Plus which is more flexible and delicate, the iPhone 6s Plus felt solid and sturdy in my hands. A bonus is the ION-X glass screen, which is a magnet for scratches. Any improvement that reduces superficial scratches is welcome.

With The A9 Processor

With the A9 processor, iPhone 6s Plus and 6s Plus are faster to use. Apple claims that the A9 processor improves CPU performance by as much as 70% and GPU performance by as much 90%. The new iPhone is a revelation from a user’s point of view. Screen animations are smooth and quick, apps switch in a flash and 3D games don’t lag.

Apple integrated the M9 motion processor into its A9 chipset. This improved performance and offered new features like always on Siri and more detailed metrics. The M9 chip measures steps, distance, elevation changes, and can even measure your running/walking pace.

Apple Has Not Yet Announced

Apple has not yet announced the RAM of the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. However, a Geekbench benchmark tool showed that there was 2GB of RAM. Apps will run more efficiently in the background. Switching will be faster and overall system performance will be better.

The Live Photos Feature

The Live photos feature is unique to the iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus. It allows you to capture an image with a buffer of audio or video for one second on either side. This feature allows you to capture a short video clip with each photo. These clips are viewable using 3D touch.]

They can also be added to your lock screen and home screen as a live wallpaper. You can use these Live Wallpapers to make your home and lock screen wallpapers. Apple ships every iPhone with a few stock live wallpapers. However, you can also choose Live Photos from the camera roll to add a personal touch.

Apple’s M9 Coprocessor

Apple’s M9 coprocessor and A9 coprocessor are so powerful that you can use “Hey Siri” whenever you like. You can now wake Siri by using the “Hey Siri” command. In the past, your iPhone needed to be plugged in to a charger to enable the Hey Siri command. The iPhone 6s Plus and 6s Plus now have Hey Siri, which is always available and ready to take your input.

The Mew 5-Megapixel

The new 5-megapixel FaceTime HD camera gives you a boost in video conferencing and selfies with the iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus. It can record at 720P HD resolution and also utilizes new retinal flash technology for the perfect lighting for your front-facing photos. Retina flash makes use of the display on your iPhone to provide sufficient lighting for your photo.

Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s plus

Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s plus are the best smartphones camera. They also have a 12-megapixel sensor that supports 4K video recording. The interface is responsive and crisp with beautiful colors.

3D Touch Is Hands Down

3D Touch is hands down the most important feature Apple added to iPhone 6s and 6s plus. This new pressure sensitive display offers a new way to interact with your phone. Quick actions allow you to open a shortcut menu by simply touching an app icon from the home screen . gsm tool

 To take a selfie you don’t need to open the camera app. Simply tap the photo button and switch to the front camera. Force touch the camera icon to select selfie from the menu. The iPhone will take care of the rest. You’ll be amazed at how iOS works with the quick actions.

3D Makes It Easy To Switch

3D makes it easy to switch between apps, without having to press the Home button. To access the app switcher, press down on the left edge. Swipe slightly and hold it. To switch back to the original app, press firmly and swipe across.

3D Touch Offers

3D Touch offers two new gestures, peek and pop. These allow you to view and open content in 3D Touch without leaving your current app. You can view a preview of a page by touching down on a link you get in a text message. To open it in Safari, you can press a little harder (Pop). Peek can also be seen on the keyboard. Peek also appears in the keyboard.

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