TechPay will do to banks, what email did to the postal industry

Traditional Banking System :

The banking system is based on money, created and controlled by the government. Those traditional currencies have value because we are made to believe in them by our governments, if we don’t believe in them it’s nothing but a piece of colored paper.

This is a system that has traditionally been a problem for decades. Circulating money that is hidden in any economy was previously backed by gold reserves stored at a central location.

But now most countries are backing foreign exchange reserves. As currency prices rise, a country will need to print as much currency as possible to maintain its reserves.

This leads to inflation and the devaluation of the currency that many countries are facing today, such as Venezuela and many other poor countries.

In this way, the money that people have loses its value over time. For example, if an average man decides to work day and night in the hope that the money he earns will secure his future, then according to the value of time factor, It will lose more than 50% of its rate. At the time of his retirement, all his efforts to get this money were in vain if the government continued to issue these currencies in the market.

Invention of TechPay

That’s why achieving financial independence is a long-held dream which is achieved with TechPay as a valuable resource, with the advent of the internet and the free availability of knowledge. People are now beginning to realize how they are fooled in big offices by technical terms created by banks just to discourage people from seeing too much.

Initiatives by TechPay :

TechPay is the fastest blockchain ever seen in the history of cryptocurrency. TechPay is changing the dimensions of modern business just in the way email has changed world dimensions. An email has changed world dimensions from the postal system to a modern, fast and effective technological system. How easy things are with email now – imagine the world of finance, telecommunication, and banking like it. TechPay has the power to change things like this and it will be a great setback to traditional banking systems in the coming future.

For those who do not believe in traditional currencies, blockchain investment is a real gift for them and they do not want the banks and traditional systems to trap them in this vicious circle.

The TechPay currency system has been an excellent source of income for all types of people. Thus, to convert the traditional currency to digital or TechPay cryptocurrency, it is required to invest in it and understand it wholeheartedly.

Businesses around the world are smart enough to understand that blockchain is a fast-growing industry and everyone wants to take advantage of it or wants to make money out of it.

More than 100,000 people are joining the crypto community every day, and the TechPay blockchain networks handle 200,000 transactions on TechPay every day.

There are TechPay innovations that address the scalability issues of blockchain networks that show great promise and provide another opportunity to develop many apps.


In the distant future, progressive cryptocurrencies have the potential to replace government-backed currencies as the primary means of conducting financial transactions. More than 100,000 people are joining the TechPay Crypto community every day, and the TechPay blockchain networks handle approximately 200,000 transactions per day. In addition to revolutionizing the financial system, TechPay blockchain technology has the potential to spread to almost any industry, including large-scale maintaining records.

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