Can I claim a tax deduction for my travel expenses? Yes, but only if travel expenses are directly related to your work.

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There are specific requirements for keeping track of travel expenses. It depends on whether your travel expenses will be reflected in your payment summary. Is your flight domestic or international? Travel time and your career.

In this article, we will address the following questions regarding travel tax deductions.

  • Examples of eligibility for tax-free travel claims?
  • When can you claim tax-free travel expenses?
  • How do you prove your travel expenses?
  • How would you claim travel expenses if you received benefits?

1. An example of the right to claim travel expenses for tax deduction?

Between two workplaces that are directly separated from each other – for example, when you have another job.

  • From your regular office to another workplace (such as client’s sites) while performing duties. And go back to your regular office or home right away.
  • If your home is a business base – you start working from home and travel to work for the same employer.
  • If you move to another location – you work in more than one location each day before you go home.
  • From your home to another place of work for business purposes. Then go straight to your regular office or home. This does not apply in cases where the other place of business becomes a regular place of business.
  • If you want to carry a large tool or equipment that you use for work and cannot leave it at work, such as an escalator or cello.

2. When can’t you claim tax-free travel expenses?

  • You do small tasks related to work, such as receiving messages on the way to work or home.
  • You need to drive more than once a day between your home and work.
  • You are on call – for example, you are on standby. Your employer will call you home to come to work.
  • There is no public transport near your place of work.
  • You work outside of normal working hours, such as shift work or overtime.
  • Your home is where you run your business and you go straight to where you work for other people.
  • Do you work at home

3. How can I prove my travel expenses?

A record of travel expenses you need to keep for rent, accommodation, food, beverages, and other expenses. Depending on the duration of the trip and if it is in the country or abroad.

If you travel for six nights or more, you may want to keep a travel journal with the date, place, time, and duration of your activities and trips. The purpose of a travel journal is to provide an accurate account of your travel employment and personal belongings. If the flight is partially private, you can only claim the business part.

4. How can I claim my travel expenses if I have already received the allowance?

If your travel expenses are included in the payment summary and you wish to make a claim, you must have written proof of all your claims. It’s not just the right amount.


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